Select the Class you DONT want to play or Monster you dont want to play against


I see almost everyone who says why they leave a game attribute it to these two things.

  1. I didn’t want to play Monster / Class X

  2. I didn’t want to play against monster X

Seems what this game really needs is to add something to the que where you pick the class you just refuse to play. You also pick one monster that you refuse to play against.

Players that choose monster to play pick the monster they plan to play when queing the monster choice.

Matchmaker takes over from there. If a monster you don’t want to play against is in that que you are not added to it.

If you are going to be forced to play medic or monster, or whatever class you picked not to play you wont be added to that que.

Sure it might increase the que times to a minor extent, but in the end its better than watching someone drop game after game and getting stuck with a bot on your team because someone picks something that makes team quit. Or the monster dropping because player had no desire to play that in first place. Game has always needed this imo.

Only reason I see to oppose this is if you play monster and enjoy the droppers because 1-2 bots will all but guarantee you win

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I strongly disagree with the suggested change since it will only harm the matchmaking process, not benefit it and it will only harm players even more. Choosing “Oh I don’t want to fight Wraith because I think she’s OP” will only hurt those who either enjoy Wraith or are trying to elite her.

Highly doubt this feature will be added because of how self-destructive it is…


More self destructive than the flood of people who just alt f4 when they face wraith in the first place?

or alt f4 when they get stuck with monster and they wanted to play hunter, or a hunter they didn’t want to use? Try seeing the big picture. These people are harming mm already because they just quit, only thing this would change is you would have people quit less often when are done queing and form your teams.

It will streamline mm not harm it , unless of course you like re-queing and playing with bots as teammates, or probably more accurately playing vs a team of hunters who get stuck with bots as teammates so you can more easily “elite your wraith status”

People that don’t want to play vs wraith already don’t, just look at all the threads about it like the one I linked above. People that don’t want to play a certain hunter class already don’t, they just quit when they see they are stuck with that. People don’t want to play monster, what do they, you guessed it, alt f4.

I don’t think you are looking at the big picture and just assuming everyone plays with whatever they are stuck with, when that just isn’t the case.


I could definitely see that abused too. Plus after the team is set you then pick your character. So it can’t be like “You can’t play Wraith because another player forbids it


Disagree. This will just exacerbate present issues and divide the community, not to mention make the matchmaking algorithm redundantly complicated.


Wouldn’t stop you from playing wraith , would just stop players who picked wraith as the 1 monster they didn’t want to fight from joining that que.

There are 1million new members. Let them play what they want instead of force them into a class they don’t want to play and fighting that one monster that makes them alt f4 everytime anyway.

Whats the difference? On one hand you spend 20 sec longer in a que and on the other 2 people say “sorry , I hate fighting monster X or playing as character X” and then Alt F4 the second match starts.


That’s where it goes wrong, the only way I could see it going right and to do something like this. Is that it will look at the preferred role and then not chose which ever elited/most played monster is there. But then there’s also the points that @10shredder00 and @Deathb3rry made


Then that is something they need to look at balancing or making more enjoyable to play against.

If you sit all day in que because no one wants to play against your choice of monster then statistically 80% of the player base doesnt want to play against that monster, and shouldn’t have to not enjoy their game just so you can as the monster that no one wants to play against.


The matchmaking system is actually pretty amazing compared to how it was just a few months ago. But if you still cry then in quickplay just leave if you don’t get what you want. It’s that simple.


Gratz on being a d1ck and proving my point in making this suggestion at the same time.

  1. I just started and only play vs bots so isn’t a problem for me yet, since they never alt f4.

  2. Everyone who “cries” as you so douchely put it, does just quit. That is the problem.

Since everyone seems opposed to people not getting stuck playing the thing they very least want to play, or vs your easy to wrack up win streaks monster (who probably enjoys the quitters so their game is that much easier with bot replacements) ill just quit bothering to reply to this thread.

Sad this has 6 likes at the time of this edit but not one constructive comment.

Regret trying to help with an obvious problem. Not one person who replied had a fix of their own just a whole lot of constructive No, just No posts.


Don’t think Hunters should be able to pick a Monster not to play as. However, it would be good to ban yourself from being a certain class.


But if they all block different ones, that leaves you with only two monsters available. You may nto even have them.


Actually read a post before linking it. I later recanted my position and advocated for others to stay in lobbies and stick with challenging problems.


Doesn’t mean they do, and your post is just one of many. Just because you recanted doesn’t mean that your posts and many others aren’t full of people saying I alt f4 because of …

Its a known problem. Too bad all people do is reply with ignorant posts instead of solutions. Telling people to stay in and play roles they dont like isnt going to do anything. They can either add a punishment for leaving or find a way to not force people into roles they dont want to play.

Like I said though, I honestly regret ever trying to propose a solution myself. Its just been one person after another, half of them ignorant in replying with no solution of their own. Was a waste of my time., especially considering im new and just playing bots atm to learn game so its not even an issue to me. Just a recurring theme I keep seeing in a lot of forum posts.


All we need is the same system that is used on ranked matches.


God yes, a pre-match ban system would be amazing. Let’s say monster gets to ban one character per class (the telemetry on Sunny would be hilarious, f*ck her into the dirt) and the hunters each get a vote, highest number wins with random select on ties. I’m all for that.


“Avoid” functionality is going to be a bad idea in matchmaking in general. Example:

I know that’s about an “avoid player” functionality rather than “avoid character” but “avoid character” just introduces even more problems into the mix. I’m also wholeheartedly against any sort of pick/ban system in quick play.

That said, I have been advocating for a more robust preference system since launch, one that would include a “never place me as” bracket. It would introduce complications of its own into matchmaking, but I think the user experience improvement would be worth it.

The simplest model of what I think would be ideal would have 3 boxes for players to drop classes in, and you could mix and match them however you wanted. Something like this:

  • “As often as possible”
  • Support, Assault
  • “I’m okay with this”
  • Trapper, Medic
  • “Absolutely never”
  • Monster

The matchmaker would try to get you a game where you could be a class from your first box, but also consider games with slots open for classes in your second box. It would NEVER make a game where all five players had the same class (i.e. monster) in their third box.


Except for also picking “Avoid playing against monster X”

That is basically exactly what I had in mind.

Havent had time to see why so many hate wraith or whatever monster is considered op since im new, but man do I see a lot of posts where people say they just quit the second they see its wraith. Which probably leaves the people that stay in a hopeless losing game since they now have bots on their team.


I just think that’s a terrible idea and would cause more problems than it solved. If a particular character is actually truly unbalanced then people will have to deal until a balance patch comes out, and if it’s just different enough to require different strategies, people will have to deal with it until they learn to beat it.

IMO, quick play should have as few barriers as possible to people being able to play the game they want to play, and even if they somehow re-did class selection so that the matchmaker knew what characters people were going to play before matchmaking happened (a headache all on its own, and makes planning out a synergistic hunter comp essentially impossible), making people who want to play a certain character wait in a longer queue just because lots of people don’t like playing against it falls afoul of that standard.

Again, it’s my opinion, but I think that “I want to play this character” is a far more important use case than “I don’t want to play against this character” and should always take precedence in design.


Im not saying anything about a certain class of hunter being your ban, just monster.

I know when I quit playing way back when I saw a lot of people who hated wraith. Not so much because of it being OP (though there were a lot of those who felt that way) but because they hated playing against it, its mechanics, how it made it hard to see when fighting against it etc. After returning 1.5 years later I see the same posts and it seems to have never been addressed.

Imo people should have the option to opt out of playing vs one monster they hate to fight and leave a reason why in a feedback box, they will then not be qued up against that monster.

This would help devs see what is OP or just plain hated because of the way it plays, and help them balance it and resolve the issues that make people not enjoy playing vs it. Only person who would feel the burden from longer ques is that guy playing the OP or hated monster repeatedly.

But this is just my opinion.