Seeking non general advice for certain hunters


So, I wasn’t around to play lots of Slim and Kala, and i am a fan of picking non human characters. I want to play them but it seems that every team that tends to have slim or kala wipe to a stage 1 very easily, or it just seems like they do nothing. So in order to not embarrass myself and never learn what I’m doing wrong (because some people just rage instead of help) I need to know any details anyone can provide for these 2 characters! Specifically advice relevant to TU9 since i know a lot (if not all) of the guides got completely outdated due to that!


im not expert on these characters but i can tell something about kala.

i did bought her but since the player boom going f2p, there are a lot of new players that dont coordinate with kala, such as assault with armor reducer, or straight up dont know about teleports,she requires coordination with assault and team awareness on the teleporters so, with that out of the way lets begin.


***teleporter tips.

  • put the purple teleporter(right mouse or R2) on the middle of the map right at the start,there is a reason for that, if your team tries to get to the monster but he goes around you and straight to the other side of the map,then you can place your orange(Left mouse or L2) teleporter, so your team can catch up or even domeing the monster instantly.

  • before entering the dome its not a bad idea to put a purple teleporter(R2), outside the and then using the orange teleporter(L2), so any of your hunters can exit the dome when they are about to die or get too heavly they can exit the dome, this works very well with slim,lazzarus,val and griffin. who are extremely high priority targets for the monster.

  • if your teammate goes down and you have a purple teleporter(R2) outside the dome or even on a safe place inside the dome. you can toss it right under their feet,and they will be teleported to purple,giving you time to revive them.

  • teleporters have a long time of setting up and also can be destroyed by the monster in one hit, so place them wisely vs good monsters.

  • the teleporter has an icon HUD that shows to all hunters so tell em to look at it! LOOK AT IT!

  • edit:oh yes i almost forgot,the teleporter is a one way and NOT vice-versa which means, you can teleport trough orange to purple but not purple to orange.

***armor reducer tips.

  • armor reducer, reduces 300 armor per second from the monster temporarily and does damage to the monster,coordinate with assault with a MIC to attack when ure using your armor reducer to bypass the monsters armor.

  • be vary careful about the situation on using armor reducer, remember that damaging the monsters health % reduces the dome time by 60 seconds every instance of %,even thou you WANT to damage monsters health, also consider that against monsters that flee a lot during the dome,this might not be the best idea and might want to destroy the monster armor first.

  • remember that armor reduces only last for 5.5 seconds and has a wooping recharge time of 15s, so plz COORDINATE with your assault when using this.

***Siren missle tips.

  • they are like slow homming missles(banshee mines), they do little damage if you fire em directly(they show blue),but do more damage if you plant em on the ground(they become red), and act like banshee mines as they will chase the monster who gets close.

*** also dont forget to use your shield burst ability when the monster is focusing someone.

i personally like capacity,reload speed and quick switch, capacity gives more duration on armor reducer,quick switch is for the teleporters and reload speed to also armor reducer.

well thats it for kala, i dont have any experience with slim.


what she said ^^^ lol stole the words right out of my mouth.


As slim, just spam your leach gun and the healing burst. It only takes two-three shots to fully load the healing burst. Good aim is the key.

Stay at medium range from the monster. Far enough to not get hit by his abilities, but close enough, to hit as many shots as possible.
Also try to position yourself in range of your teammates, so they get something from your healburst.
And they might have to move towards you, too, of course, when they are out of range.

When you have to reload your leech gun, use the spore gun. If the monster is meleeing someone or not moving much, you can shoot it directly on him, but generally you want to lead your shot to where the monster will be in a few seconds.
Like, when someone is low, cover his escape path with spore clouds, instead of shooting them directly at the monster.

When someone needs health, but is out of range for your healing burst, send him your healing drone. This is important! Always keep an eye on the health and position of all your teammates.
Just don’t send the drone to someone who is currently under attack, as any damage will quickly kill the drone anyway.

When you are the one being focused, don’t simply run away. You can use your spore cloud to kite the monster. Like, run inside bushes or around trees while in the spore cloud. And when you are fighting monsters like goliath or behemoth, who are big and easy to hit, you might be better of just to keep shooting it and spamming your healburst.
Use your leech gun and healburst as long as you can and don’t use your jetpack to just fly away (the monster will catch up anyway). Stay on ground, heal yourself and wait for your jetpack to recharge, then dodge the high damage abilities from the monster.

That's all I can remember for now. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Much appreciated guys I’m going to try them now with some confidence