Seeking guidance from Elders(PC/CEST)


Okay, this patch finally forced my hand and I need to…

Git good.

That being said I’m looking for S4+ players on both sides to help me and/or my team to improve, because the bronze abyss is a lot closer than I’d like. The only requirement is shitload of patience. Mainly with my English.

Is there any good soul willing to help me, or I’m doomed to hit rock bottom?



are you on xb1, ps4 or PC?


You should post your platform and your Time Zone.


Sorry. Added to OP.


S4? You’re basing someone’s skill based on rank?


I need to base it on something. Besides, there is a reason why he is up there and I’m down here.


You should get in touch with [JSMS] Ryke (do a friends search on Steam, should be the first result if you put in the name I posted here verbatim). He’s located in Germany, as is Wednesday, so they could help you and your team. I’m on the East Coast of the US, so I can’t help you in an adequate fashion (since our pings will be relatively shitty on both sides).


I could propably teach you a thing or two, i have alot of experiance in evolve through esl tournaments and just a bunch of customs with other high tier players. I can’t guarantee that i would be able to make you better but i could play with you sometime if you want. :slight_smile:

P.S I have not played for a while and not anything at all with the latest patch, so maybe you can teach me something :slight_smile:

Steam username: nDG | Conjugates

Happy hunting! :smiley:


Don’t listen to this nub. He can’t even meow <3

I’ve played vs you before terepin and if you want to go up against a decent goliath so people can watch the game and offer advice then I’m also happy to play some games with you.


The big cat have arrived :goliath_roar:


Looking forward to seeing you back in action =]


I’m a decent monster player (Wraith / Gorgon) if you want someone to bounce off for a while, just give me a shout.


What was I? Emet? Jack? A few regarding my performance (or lack of thereof) would be appreciated.


I can’t recall without looking. There’s 2 games on my yt channel with you playing. Had a really quick look and you seemed to be doing a decent job at not letting me get you down.


Expected this to be a thread about elder kraken help.


Can you post those videos here for others, please?


Do customs with people, helps a lot we do customs daily


I can but you can search on my channel to find them. I always put player names in video title.


Sorry, I was on smartphone.


And here I thought I could give sagely wisdom… I’m the wrong kind of elder…