Seeking Behemoth advice!


So guys I’m finding it difficult to remain low-key and undetected for the entire duration of stage one behemoth, now I know all the basics of keeping low key such as avoiding birds/sneaking etc, but I find that a full armor behemoth(elite) that’s the size of a building that shines in a red/magma flag that basically shouts your location to the hunters is very hard to remain unseen with.

Any advice for this? and what perks do you guys prefer on this big guy.


I take Damage Increase because he needs to be a big hitter, and this helps. I find that not being stealthy at all is the best bet, so I dunno about stealth skills with him ._.


I find it difficult to evolve when on the run 24/7 though:( especially like on orbital drill I couldnt


If you really want full sneak I suppose you could just hump a few mammoths birds to drop armor below glow level. He doesn’t glow much till he’s nearly max armor.


i agree quirkly. Stealth is stupid, that idea is stupid THATS STUPID jkjk all jokes aside behemoth isnt a big stealthy boy but it is viable if you do it right.d


I just can’t get into stealth unless I’m playin Wraith, in which case I’m like a ninja ^.-


Three in lava bomb. Damage perk. Run away. Armor up. Go back, get domed intentionally. Stage 2 isn’t really necessary unless you’re playing a REALLY good team.

The hunters tears will sustain you.


Wraith with nemo skin
start 1 in abduct 2 in decoy
stage 2 max out as needed or add warp
stage 3 max out all three no supernova


Put 2 in rock wall at the start it will do you for the whole game and put 1 in tongue or lava bomb then evolve put 3 in fissure then evolve put the rest in lava bomb and always evolve after a dome fight so they can’t trap you while evolving or if you can lose them do that and always eat a bit and run again if their nearby. if you do it right they can’t catch you.


Vs maggie and dasiy just run, sneaking is near pointless. For everyone else sneak to water and move around sneak outta water give false tracks like walking one and double back through sneaking.
but i do 3fissure or 2fissure 1 rock wall because youll usually engage in 1 confrontation stg. 1


The number one rule for Behemoth: be aggressive. Behemoth’s biggest weakness is when he plays defensively. Never put any points into rockwall at stage one because when you get into a fight, putting up a rockwall only delays damage for six seconds, and means that you can be orbital barraged if the hunters have Hank. I always put 2 points into lava bomb as its splash damage can not only inflict large damage to multiple hunters, but also does burn damage, and 1 point into tongue grab as it can bring hunters towards you and does a small bit of damage.

Behemoth’s biggest strength is that he can control the battlefield. Picking your battles and moving to advantageous locations to fight is one of the perks that Behemoth’s roll brings to the fight. Don’t forget to keep fighting the hunters, put the pressure on them, and keep the battlefield in your favor. Every map has its bonuses on places to fight and places to run.

When it comes to sneaking, I usually go the opposite way that the hunters go. If there’s a place where Behemoth doesn’t fight well in, go there first, eat some food, and move away from it, all while sneaking of course.


I find that Behemoth is one of the best monsters to fight Stage 1 with (next to Kraken).

Being really aggressive with DI perk, 2 Lava Bomb, and 1 Fissure works wonders for me. If you get them to dome you in a favorable location and then destroy half their team (preferably Trapper and Medic) then you can continue to sneak to stage 3 if you want to, they won’t want to fuck with you :wink:


While Behemoth aggression is good, against a well-played hunter team that knows Behemoth’s skills you may be hard-pressed to get downs at stage 1; doubly so if Hank and Caira are in play.

Unlike the other monsters Behemoth’s traversal leaves a VERY visible trail - albeit one that doesn’t show clearly which direction it came from. Behemoth also tends to stay in ball-mode for long trips, espcially at the start of the match.

In terms of trying to sneak with behemoth, it will be VERY map focused. On maps where long waterways are near the start, leave a traversal trail that looks like you’re about to run up the waterway then sneak elsewhere. Dam is a good example of this. Alternately you can trigger birds in a direction you DONT want to go, then traverse in the opposite direction; the traversal trail doesn’t show which way you went, so they will have to reach the birds to realize that it’s a dead end.

Beyond that, lurking in caves is generally a good tactic; you avoid carrion birds when eating while in a cave, and if forced to fight at Stage 1 the Behemoth is strongest in enclosed spaces where the hunters can’t dodge as easily. If you take lava bomb or fissure stage 1, both can be used to punish hunters who pursue you into a tunnel.


While damage increase or cooldown can be great perks for an aggressive behemoth, I would recommend eating speed or stamina recharge for a stealthy one. Eating speed significantly makes up for the slowness of sneaking. And stamina recharge will help you not only get far enough away to start sneaking again, but it will help a lot in a fight.

The other tips posted above (use caves, false starts, etc) are great as well. Definitely sneak immediately at the beginning to try to confuse the hunters, you can roll when you get a little distance.

If you hit birds, skirt around the outside of the map but go towards the direction you came from. In other words, double back but go the long way. The hunters will B-line to the birds, meaning if you can get around them without being seen, you can get great distance.

You are right that he is easy to spot. The easiest way to counter that is just be far away. His roll can get you a lot of space. Try tossing a lava bomb as a distraction if they get too close but don’t seem to know exactly where you are.


More like “Ultimate Drunk Build”


For your skin, make sure it’s something that doesn’t stick out. Behemoth is a big monster, so using something like Jade skin on Barracks or Dam is a dumb move. When in doubt, Default is best (although I always use my Elite skin).

Perks to pick from are traversial speed, damage boost and maaaybe movement speed if you’re confident about your accuracy.

I, personally, start off with 2 in Rock Wall and 1 in Tongue Grab. If they’re catching up to you, throw up the wall, especially if you can do so out of sight, then roll away - you only have so much time to get away. If they are still on your tail, tongue grab the first hunter to come around, throw up the wall, and give a reason to keep their distance. If they dome you, remember - you aren’t trapped in there with them, they’re trapped in there with YOU. Be confident and isolate the Trapper. Destroy Sunny Drones if they’re present.

Don’t be fooled, Rock Wall can be used offensively. Down the trapper, and roll out of there. Rinse and repeat until you can evolve. Unlock Lava Bomb and Fissure, put two in the one you think you’re better with. Now you’re more ready for a fight. The Hunters may catch you shortly after you evolve, so be ready for that. At this point, you shouldn’t worry so much about stealth. S2 Behemoth is still massive, so you should be ready for the Hunters to catch up to you. Evolve to S3 if you can, and use points as you see fit.

EDIT - Be careful about being aggressive. Bob is easy to kite


Versus Daisy, its best to mix stealth and run with traversal up terrains. It slows her Ai down as she needs to stop to sniff out sneaking scent.

Thank ya ou to @maddcow for the advice.


Since caves are Behemoth 's paradise but most hunters are smart enough to wait and smoke the Behemoth out.

What kind of ideal location can Behemoth play on when small low ceiling areas are not availabl?


Anywhere without 2 close together pillars, otherwise they’ll just hop back and forth and make you look dumb


I tend to take 1 in tongue, 1 in fissure and 1 in lava bomb at the start as i feel this gives me a nice rounded monster. i normally take damage increase due to the fact that you more than likely will be caught stage 1 as the behemoth is slow…like really slow. after that (stage2) I take 2 in lava and one in fissure (giving 3 lava, 2 fissure and 1 tongue) I never take wall,ever. normally I then go armour up and fight at stage 2 as again due to slowness you wont make it to lv3. try not to let the health bar fool you as behemoth is still taking way too much damage, his health melts like ice in a furnace.oh and if you fight any hunters with anything that slows you down your basically screwed.