Seeing what monster is picked online


Im not sure if this has been asnwered or not but one thing i hope happens is that when the hunters players pick who they want online they cant see which monster the other player has chosen . This would make the game so much more cooler just imagine how tense it would be for the hunters players not knowing what monster is lurking out there and them BAM that first encounter it would make playing the monster and hunters way more exciting than they already are.


Hopefully this won’t be the case as counter-picking will likely occur.
This most likely won’t happen


thats a good point but i was thinking for actually atmosphere and tension of the game it would be so much better like this


Goliath and Kraken have very different footprints from one another, and I’d assume that’s true for the other monsters as well. Wouldn’t players know what they were dealing with as soon as they landed and saw the prints?


You may be right there!


i never even thought of that but still the players couldnt counter pick and also if u played sneaky at stage one u could leave no tracks behind ??


Actually since the game should be balanced, even if some people always take X to hunt Y, it would not be an issue…
Otherwise it will be quickly patch ^^


I posted in another thread that the reason I would want the monster to remain hidden (at least until loading screen) is to avoid lobby chicken. In other words, someone picks Kraken and then hunters pick to counter Kraken and then at the last second Kraken changes to Goliath. Or vice versa. Hunters make it look like they are not countering Kraken so Kraken feels confident and won’t change but then at the last second, hunters change to good kraken counters.


They should include character locks when you select a Hunter/Monster to play as like in some MOBA games, so you can’t switch at the last second!


Yup, make the lobby instantly start when everyone has locked-in.


If they do that, some matches will take years before it begins…

Once again, the game shouldn’t have any issue EVEN if someone chooses Hyde to hunt Goliath (for example) .
Such advantages due to character’s choice shouldn’t exist, or at least shouldn’t very unbalance a game.


as much as u try balance a game there still going some hunters better at dealing at a certain monster even its just a bit and once players firgure this out they just always use the same hunters against same monster which would be boring and take away from the game the best way is for for bout hunter and monster players choices to be hidden


Maybe the problem isn’t that some hunters will find a strat against a monster…
But that these played monsters could be incapable to find a counter strat. See…?