Seeds being Seeds


Just Seeds things…

Here’s the stream schedule for next week:

Moonday- PS4 - Hanging/Chilling on PS4 with mah hoomies (aka anyone who wants to show up). 7pm EDT - 10/11 pm EDT
2esDay :cake: - PC - Customs with whomever shows up… 7pm EDT - 10/11 pm EDT
Hump Day - PS4 - 7pm EDT - 10/11 pm EDT
Thursday - Edit footage from earlier in week.
Friday - 7 to 10, probably gonna be a PS4 day.
Saturday - Recovery from what happens after 10 on Friday
Sunday - Bonus day? Who knows…:tara_knows:

Anyone is welcome, all skill levels. Just chill and play :slight_smile:

PS4/PSN : "Seedsy"

Oh yeah.,…
I forgot to mention
I got some extra codes (for PS4) from 2K/TRS and @StealthShampoo that they want given away to the community… and it shall be done :slight_smile:



That’s right! Your birthday is this week :slight_smile:

I don’t work on Friday, so I’ll be playing on PC if you wanted to join


I’ll be white water rafting on Monday, so I might not be able to make it. On Wednesday I’ll be in Baltimore, so I might not make it then. On Friday, hopefully I can make it.


I wanna play with you on PS4 but it’s a bit too late for me.


another time




cough Toozdae cough


I would ask to play along with you on the PS4 at some point, as you seem like a laugh to play with. But right now I’m waiting for TU9.0 before I make any kind of meaningful return to the game. xP


nothing wrong with rehashing ur skills in preparation :wink:


Well, you’re not wrong. XD


I might try to join you tonight, if there’s room. Can participants join in the giveaways?


I never answered this… but last night our first winner was a participant. New player to the community that won Season 2 :slight_smile:
It was a good stream XD



Goddammit Seeds, I have class tuesday and thursday and you just have to be online on PC on those days :frowning:


7pm? Customs? Maybe…


So are these streams pubs or all premade? I was tempted to join in last night, but then ended up jumping into solo to practise so that I wouldn’t be completely useless (my jetpack management skills are basically gone right now XD) and to farm a little bit more of Emet’s 3-Star masteries.



I just happen to come across this video from this streamer:
and man, you, @GrizzleMarine and @Wednesday13 wrecked this guy, it’s so hilarious :joy:

P.S. start watching at 37 minutes in

“Stop shooting me you wankers!” (when he is playing as monster)
“They should have patched the game where you can eat while being shot” - u-hu, sure dude


Lmfao people in the chat were saying it looked like it was super hunter favored after he got rekt


The funniest thing is that people are acting saying that the game is fun and everything. That it looked cool, but because of the low playerbase nobody plays anymore.

Like, if the game is fun, looks fun, why not go ahead and try it?


Probably because they’re scrubs like that guy and need the new tutorials to hold their hands as they step into the unforgiving world that is live evolve