See other mics move but don't hear?


Sometimes when I do come across someone that apparently is using a mic because I see the mic icon blipping, but I do not hear them?

Is this a bug or is the person actually not using a mic or what?


nah its just they dont like u


I had the same problem “when xbone was actually working” I had zero games with mics, literally. I got 2-3 people with the mic symbol but no sound.


Also this should probably be a bug thread


Was in a group with a guy who couldn’t hear anyone else. We could hear each other just fine and we could hear him just fine.


Yeah on Xbox this is a problem where some people can’t hear others even if they have a mic.


I think it’s because they hit the push to talk button. On PC, that makes the mic symbol light up, but obviously, no sound. Is there a similar button on Xbone?

…So they hate him so much they find a way to make something completely silent over a mic?


On xbox you don’t get a mic symbol unless you have a mic in. In some games there are 3 other mics, but only one talking it’s like he is talking to other people but I can’t hear them.


Ah ha. Don’t know then. Maybe recategorize this to bugs?


Yeah it’s a bug for sure it does need to be changed from general.



10 chars.


Have similar issues. Playing on XBOX ONE. Mic works fine on every other game and in party chat, but for some reason I can’t hear most, if any people in game chat, not sure if they can hear me. And then other times I can hear them but they can’t hear me. Also the Mic symbol doesn’t always appear, past week or two has been happening.