See online status in forums?


It’d be nice if there was a simple indicator to see if a person is online or not on the forums. Especially for asking questions, you can tag someone who you see is online, instead of the ol’ tag’n’pray.

My suggestion is online folks have different colored names than offline people.


Well, you can see when somebody was last seen


that’s usually what i do.


By visiting each persons profile until you find someone online. I mean more like a green ring around your profile pic or something. Or your names green when online and white if offline. They obviously already track if we are online. That should be just a if/then line of code shouldn’t it?


It couldn’t hurt :smiley_cat:


It would be nice if there was a little green circle next to their name when tagging them to see if they’re online. Then a red circle (or no circle at all?) for people that are offline.

EDIT: There might be a plugin for this. Not sure though.


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