Secret to Rock throw?


So i only have rock throw left to do before i get mastery of Goliath, i have been stuck on it for three days. Had all the others done within the first day easy as pie but no matter how many hunters i hit mid air with rock throw my ticker only goes up like one per match? wondering if there is a height limit or something else?


No, best way to get it is to hold the rock in the air and wait for them to try n juke, then simply throw. It was my second mastery after fire breath that I completed. Rather easy, but hey a rock throwing challenge is coming up this weekend so you’ll get practice then.


I’d advise trying to be closer to them when throwing, ideally after getting them to use some of their fuel.


You should combo charge into rock throw, or if your god just throw that shyt.

Edit: for the challenge just catch the hunters when they start to skirt up the walls.


Thanks for advice i’ll try these


The other way is you can farm it in a solo match on salvation industries Defend mode just sit at the top then wait for the assault to come up then nail him with a rock Maggie also frequently climbs up there as well.


Also, cherish the occasional idiot who likes to hover for ages wasting his jetpack. They’re absurdly easy to hit when they start to go down again, and with that angle, rock throw can send them flying quite far :slight_smile:

Masteries are always weird. Spent an entire match trying to harpoon a Kraken and got only one confirmed air’pooning. Next match I’m against a Behemoth and I harpoon him mid air 4 times. Must have faced the dreaded leaping ballerina Behemoth!


There surely are bugs on rock throw since last patch…
If your problem is just getting the mastery you will get faster results in solo mod.
get hunters bots in water and wait for them to fly on the surface, than hit with rock.
Never done that for Goliath but I’m using this right now to elite Behemoth tongue grab.
Which is stupid really cos once I’ll play this big fellow with elite skin, being so bad at him, I’ll just look like a fool :stuck_out_tongue:


The challenge this weekend doesn’t involve air tosses but it would be cool to kill two birds with one stone. Just wait till any hunter is air borne or push them towards a cliff face and let them try to jet up it. BAM, easy enough. Also when you’re fighting and hunters are getting pummeled beneath you they’re bound to jet to get away use that opportunity. Just takes time, did all mine in pub matches.


Right now I am just struggling to get my charge and leap smash T3 mastery…

I feel like leap smash from X meters (forgot) only happens 1-3 times per game, basically onceper engagement.

Maybe I just suck at charging but it is my least favorite ability D=


Leap smash I hardly ever use but it took ages to get it because of how picky the range requirement is.


just do it with friends in a custon defend


Can’t brag about an elite skin if you boosted for it lol, by the way again thanks for all the information.


Start a custom match vs AI in hunt on Fusion Plant. Set the timer to 40+ minutes and remove strikes. Race to stage 3 ASAP and avoid all fights until then, once you’re stage 3 the bots run to the power rely. At the back of the room there’s 2 high up ledges, stand on them and aggro the hunters, stand on the edge and rock throw the hunters as they jetpack up, they’ll keep jetpacking up over and over again. Doing this I was getting 35+ a game.


I love it when they jet straight up in an attempt to go over your head to try and throw you off. The best part is the view they must have when they look down and see that massive Boulder you just chucked at them flying towards their face.

Watching them rag doll across the map in mid air is always a good laugh.


What I did for this was quite simple: Go to the fusion plant and eat some of the bodies laying around there are about 4 or 5 then jump up to a small cliff pillar (kinda shaped like a heart with a tree on and it’s the biggest) wait for the hunters to climb up to your location then jump to the fusion plant platform and they’ll jetpack over at which point you rock throw one and then wait for them to reach your position on the platform then jump to your original location. So to be clear you want to constantly be on the move jump to your location rock throw and as soon as the hunters get within firing range jump back. Repeating this got me 11 or 12 mid air rock throws a match.

IMPORTANT: fight against the teir one hunters and Parnell as the other assaults have High damage AOEs that make it harder to jump around. Oh! And watch out for hanks orbital barrage as it can make jumping a bit tricky.


Out of an older thread of mine, it works really well


the firebreath was easy as heck, i don’t know why people think it’s hard, did it get patched or something?


It’s not hard just takes forever.