Secret signal (at the en of credits)


There is a secret signal at the end of the credits of the game.
I think I have discovered its signification.
It say :
(Tight beam cmet link :: M5.07.31 2380) xCAPS. Akhenahten @cmhq Under attack by unknown spontaneously generated hostile entities. Station defenses under entity control. Suffering heavy casualties. Super heavy ordnance ineffective. Advise no contact full quarantine execute protocol RG11.32 . Five days of life support remaining

Not sure of everything, but does it mean something ??


Late to the party, but good job discovering it on your own! :smile: we discussed it here a little bit. Feel free to add your own opinions in that thread too!


Arf :frowning: Too bad… I was so happy ^^


Don’t feel bad! It wasn’t an easy code to crack! Most people thought it was morse code.