Secret on the monster selection screen?

There’s a fifth dot on the monster selection screen. Another after behemoth. Could it be…? :o im on ps4.


Not only in the monster’s selection screen, it’s on all the hunters too, those dots must be the new hunters :smiley: hype!!!


I really hope the monster is next! :slight_smile: #loveformonsterplayers


Stop teasing me! :cry: It’s not there for PC.

Now the thing is. Why is it there?? If only someone can go thru the game files an check

This is not intended. If you pick Lennox and change the rest of the hunters they will have 5 dots because you picked assault. And no their is no hunter hidden inbetween and no it does not “skip” them. Its just a visual glitch nothing else.


Screenshots plox!

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I will post one right after I get off of work :smiley:

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Call in lizard squad! #no

Ita not the same now,

Now the fifth dots on the hunter selection screen are gone.

Only the 5th monster dot remains. Check it!

Maybe that means the Monster is next ? hope so

Not there for PC last I checked :cry: I hope monster is next.

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