Second favorite game of all time

Just wanted to say I put in like 4k hours between the two games. By far my all time favorite games next to the early Socom series. I hope you bring back that same quality for Back 4 Blood.

I’ll never forget playing Left 4 Dead on Xbox for the first time. It was so unique. It was so fun helping teammates and being helped. You never knew when you would be attacked. It was excellent balance of fear and being unstoppable. I loved it so much. I bought a PC for it and the experience was even better.

Glad you guys are going back to your roots. This is a well anticipated title.


Greetings and Meetings illicitQi, nice to meet ya…

My 2nd favorite game… hmmmm… spanning 30+ years… that can get hard, but I have to say it has to be Evolve. Evolve was the first time I really bonded with a game and its community since my first favorite game of all time… Street Fighter II

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Welcome to the forums! It’s nice to have you join and share your excitement with us!

There’s a lot of hype in the community for Back 4 Blood, especially from the massive L4D fanbase. I think we’re all going to get to experience a fantastic game that will not only reinvigorate the co-op zombie shooter genre, but give us all that thrill we had when we first played L4D.

If you’d ever like to talk more about the upcoming game or how awesome L4D is, we have a great community on the official TRS Discord server. A lot of our regulars are huge fans of the series and are always willing to stir up conversation about it.

If you want to keep up with any new information for Back 4 Blood, the official B4B Twitter or the TRS Discord server are two of the best places to keep up with the latest. The Back 4 Blood Announce FAQ is always updated with the latest tidbits of info, as well!

Lastly, WOW. 4k hours? That’s crazy. I had racked up 2,000 hrs on Evolve between Legacy and Stage 2, and I lived and breathed that game.


welcome !! yeah you betcha, back4blood is going to kick butts, zombiebutts

i remember the first time experiencing hard rain in l4d2, the downpouring rain, the lowered visibility and zombie hollering, whooo, not many games give that thrill, exceptional action game.

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Yeah. I’m 29. Best online shooter I ever played was Socom 1 and 2. Left 4 Dead is definitely 2nd. Goldeneye oo7 3rd. Best RPG… Champions of Norrath… Didn’t experience PC until Left4Dead.

Left 4 Dead was the purist amount of excitement I had, to play a game. The first one was genius. 3 hunters and a smoker. Boomer was just OP af. If you had a good boomer. You didnt even need mics. The witch.

The Second one grew on me. It was kinda a let down. But honestly I played it longer. Map design was on point. Melee was fun af. Boomer still OP for even just a distraction. Charger was just gold.

Every match was a different experience. You could always grow as a player. Nothing but love for the series.


wish it was on gamebattles or something

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l4d2 is still strong on the steam stats list. a lot of players still play it. whenever going in, i find many many rooms. im so glad for that.

personally l4d(both 1 n 2) enabled me to meet many friends, that became friends in person. but nowadays, the fun is also depended on the type of players.

good natured and good sense of humor just makes it all fun, compared to silent and non caring team mates.

i dont have a list like you, maybe it spans out to other genres. evolve has a special place though. l4d > evolve > TF2 / overwatch.

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Yeah l4d was my game from 08 to 2015 it’s pretty cool I still can get a game pretty quick.

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