Second Chance Event Suggestion


I don’t know if we’re allowed to make event suggestions, but I’ll try anyway.

The most common complaint about weekend events is that people weren’t able to participate and thus couldn’t get the skin. Is it possible for us to have an event where everyone who plays gets their choice of one previously awarded prize? Excluding the Goliath Gold skin and prizes that are included in others, that would give people the choice of:

  • Abe and Caira Union Jack skins
  • All Trapper Predator skins
  • All Assault Predator skins
  • All Medic Predator skins
  • Hank Predator skin
  • All Assault Dragonscale skins
  • Hank Infinity skin
  • Sunny Union Jack skin
  • Bucket Infinity skin
  • Kala Gold skin
  • Hank Union Jack skin
  • Kraken and Wraith Gold skins
  • Kraken Voodoo skin
  • Wraith Voodoo skin
  • Goliath Voodoo skin
  • Kraken Frostbite and Gold skins
  • Wraith Frostbite and Gold skins
  • Behemoth Hellfire and Gold skins
  • Goliath Taurus skin
  • Kraken Neptune skin

Whether or not the Artic skins from the app should be included on this list is another issue, but I think this is all of them. I think this would be a good way to reward the player base by giving long time players a chance to get skins they couldn’t get the first time and enticing newer players to keep going. I don’t know which dev would be best to approach about the feasibility of this idea, but @GentlemanSquirl is the most active so I’ll start there.


This is something @LadieAuPair or @Shaners or @mizx would likely handle.


Too many to choose from. Maybe make them level up rewards? I’d love the Taurus Goliath, Neptune Kraken, Frostbite Kraken, Frostbite Wraith, Union Jack Hyde, Gold Kraken, Gold Wraith, and the Voodoo skins.


All suggestions are Welcome :smiley:


Hmmm. So I’m not saying it couldn’t be done, but it would be a lot of work.

With the current search as can just do “grab everyone who logged in during this time” and the mass entitle the skin.

If we changed it, we would have to individually grant each skin, which would take a lot longer.


I feel like once TU09 hits we may see more events, including repeat ones since there will hopefully be a bunch of brand new players who want in on this Evolve action!



Post a poll and only do the most popular choice or top three choices?


Muuuccccch more likely. Totally do-able.


BaHahahaha. You’re killing me @turwaith


That would cause 2k to have to take every single individual account and assign the skin requested to that account.

That’s an insane amount of work. People can barely send us the correct gamertag via email. Just being straight up. haha

We definitely plan on giving them another go-around.

We’ve been quiet lately because we have an insane amount going on behind-the-scenes. Things are gonna be coming left and right after this update. Be prepared!


Ok, thanks for the answers.


Why can’t 2K just send out the skin to all accounts at once, like how they do the challenge skins?


That is possible and that has been done in the past.

This questions is specifically stating people request what skins they are missing and they are then given to them.


Please don’t… I stopped playing other games because of crap like this…
This only makes the skins rare by not re-releasing them which is GOOD. It gives it some value and reason to show it off.

It is not our issue that people missed out. I am sure I missed out on some weekend skins and such over this stressful year of Evolve’s lifespan, doesn’t bother me. They will just be appreciated for what they are.