Season pass trouble


I pre-ordered/bought the deluxe edition, but it still asks me to purchase the season pass (sadly I never realized this till now). The weird things is I have the magma skins, just can’t access anything else. I’m also being forced to buy the new monster even tho I pre-ordered the game. This is really frustrating. The console I use is Xbox One.


I found my solution.


what was it?


what did you do @Cobi_Wegner? i have the same problem.


Go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and press ‘Menu’ on Evolve, then go to ‘Manage Game’. On the right should be a list of items (Tier 4 Hunters if you bought the Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth if you pre-ordered) that are ready to install. You can install them from there.

Hope this helps. :smile:


omg thanks :smiley:


thanks you are my savior


No problem. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Problem solved :slight_smile: thanks Jedi!