Season Pass no hunters?


so I bought the season pass when I got the game on Xbox One, and it’s telling me I have to purchase the new hunters and monster??? Something must be wrong. Help?


What platform?


Xbox One man


Go to ‘My Games and Apps’ and press ‘Menu’ on Evolve, then go to ‘Manage Game’. On the right should be a list of items (Tier 4 Hunters if you bought the Hunting Season Pass and Behemoth if you pre-ordered) that are ready to install. You can install them from there.

Hope this helps. smile


I’m an idiot. Thanks so much for your help haha. I was pissed there for a second.

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No problem. :smile:

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Another way to solve this, is to just click on purchase. It will then tell you that you already own the content and ask if you want to install it. I went through the same issue last night.