Season Pass but No DLC (PS4)



Purchased season pass on retail release day.

All DLC hunters and monster are locked for me as well. Character select screen states “visit the store”. PS store and in-game store do not have them.

Possibly poor coordination with Microsoft and Sony’s online stores? Evolve doesn’t seem to recognize that I hold the season pass.

At the risk of sounding entitled, it’s a far greater insult for this to happen immediately following the surprise announcement that the DLC is playable a day early than if this occured tomorrow.

The strangest part is I’m watching people streaming gameplay on Twitch of them using the DLC characters on PS4 right now…

It’s about time we got official comment on why your big DLC announcement today is a big “just kidding” for many paying customers.

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Edit: I can confirm that the “Custom Evac” workaround ONLY allows playable access to the T4 hunters. Behemoth is locked, but can be fought.

Furthermore, the only DLC skin that appears in the character select screen for T4 hunters is Crow’s Predator skin from the Griffin community challenge. I have purchased the Sword assault skin and do not recieve the option to select it on Torvald.