Season Pass 2 Bug


Hello, I am anxious to say that I adore Evolve, thus I have to buy one month ago both Season pass, all been very present except that I have of to pay the Gorgon(Gorgonian), thus I have him(it) to pay to encourage or because I am a little bit stupid, a while ago, Kala went out, and she(it) is also paying! Both was to be free! And I do not want to put 15€ in a supposed thing(trick) to be free thank you for your help(assistant).


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What platform are you on?

  1. As @Jedi_Warrior stated, what platform are you on?

  2. Go to where you download DLC and see if there are any bits of content that are uninstalled and try to reinstall them.

  3. Go to it, press install, if it installs immediately then Yay! If instead it redirects you and asks you to pay again then do not pay and instead submit a support ticket to 2K.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. :slightly_smiling:


Thank’s for your answer ! My platform is PS4.


Try what shredder said and let us know how it goes. Fingers crossed it works. :smile:


Where is DLC History ?


Go to the in game store and click on kala. It should prompt you to install her or take you to a pay wall. If it takes you to a pay wall then don’t continue. Instead back out and let us know.

I’m not familiar with ps4 as I’m an xbox guy.


They suggests me paying him(it)…


In which case I’d submit a support ticket using the link provided by shredder. Hopefully you’ll get a quick reply.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Thank’s for Yelp.


How to send a message to the support(medium)? I am French-speaking and I am not very good in English, sorry.


Try this one. Should be the French 2k support page. :slightly_smiling: