Season 2 Giveaway

I will be having a Season 2 PC pass raffle on my next Coaching with Cow stream on Saturday. I also still have a little bit of physical swag (Posters and bracelets and stickers) as well as a Behemoth and Season 1 Pass to give out as well for some 4th of July goodness. I will announce details, especially the time, later today. I’m thinking about having it around 4 PM MST.

This means it is
11 PM London
8 AM Sydney (July 5th)

This should give everyone a decent hour to participate and helps cover EU, NA and Oceanic. Feedback is appreciated before I make it my final decision for time zones etc…

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Good thing this is happening on the 4th :scream:

Marking this down cuz I need that pass ;w;

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Do you think the time is fair? I don’t want people to stay up/wake up too early/late.

They seem reasonable to me :slight_smile:

Well I don’t live in Australia but 8 AM seems a tad early. But I mean it’s a Saturday, so there’ll be time for people to crash later. I think you’re safe dawg, I mean, Cow. :persevere:


Out of topic but i still haven’t got payed by ESL Quirkly :’(

I promised you a lennox and you’ll get it when i get the moneh :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait till after the Strim, who knows, may get lucky ^.-

Ha, who am I kidding, when do I ever win ;-;

Don’t say that. A couple years ago there was this event at the Union here at school. They were doing a raffle of sorts. I didn’t really want any of the bigger prizes (I already have a pretty good TV) so I threw my tickets in on Blu-Ray player. There were lots of other tickets but I won it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Funny thing is now I don’t really need that either - X1 has a Blu-Ray player. So I gave it to my dad.

The point is, stay hopeful.




1 am for me, no problem :smiley:

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Considering it’s Saturday, I don’t think I’ll even mind staying awake until 2 AM to see the stream in its entirety.

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Oh cool. I’m very interested in Evolve Posters :wink:

Hmm. Sunday, 8AM.

Lemme check my schedule.

Can someone just kill me and get it over with? ;-: FML.

Always wanted to kill someone.

Might if i use a chainsaw?

It looks cool in L4D

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Go ahead, just be careful with the hip. And make sure you get the teeth of the blade in right otherwise it rips fabric really awfully.


Do you only do giveaways for PC, or do you have them for the consoles as well?

I only have them for the PC at this time.

Is there any way to enter if we can’t be present for the stream? As dumb as that may sound? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll think about this.