Searching...on ps4

Searching searching searching on ps4.

A broken game more broken.

Give it time. You can’t report a bug because you can’t find a game. There are so many problems un-development related that could be occurring. For a start if you have too bad, or too good internet it will take longer. Thousands of players will be sleeping, at work or otherwise engaged in real life. And even if player are on they may be undetermined so it doesn’t know who to match you with. I agree, that the new matchmaking is a good idea but sadly doesn’t work with Evolve’s lack of popularity but I don’t think it is buggy.

Bullshit the mathjmaking system is flawed. 2 hours of searching and found 2 games. The players are there but they are gone after searching searching for 10 min.

Evacuation game was found as before in a couple of minutes.

Giving me an example doesn’t make my point any less valid.