Searching Huntergroup for training games [EU:PC]



in order to improve my skills, i have the feeling i am stuck on a mediocre level, i´d like to train with a dedicated group of 4 Hunters.
The problem with matchmaking is, either it is to easy or it is to hard. I can not analyse my faults and not discuss what i should have done better.

I will play most days from 20:00 (UTC+1) to midnight. So if you are interested, just message me!

have a good day to all of you :slight_smile:


Would like to do the same. Hit me up on steam if you wanna form some sort of a group together


on the same boat here. IS Ryaneko your steam ID?


I guess the rest of the band won’t mind - gimme your Steam and I’ll hit you up when we’ll get toghether.


Fantastic! Id is in my profile. I am at work now. So see you guys later!