Searching for the BEST monster out there for furture plans (PC)


we are literally searching for the best of the best Monster Player,if u think u are up for the challenge , add me up. lets have a friendly match against me and my friends, and we will see how things works out.
this is my steam id


The first candidate that pops into my head would be @MaddCow

Also, would you like me to change this to the looking for member category?


sure, thanks =D


bump~ still searching… ~


Thanks for the vote of confidence. While I consider myself to have a ton of in game knowledge and depth, my actual practice time as Monsters is WAY lower than what I would like. (I think my actual ratio of time played as Monster verse Hunter is like 10-20% as Monster. Too much Hunter practice :stuck_out_tongue: I consider myself to be extremely good, but I don’t have the dedicated practice time that I would like to my a statement of that caliber :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure my former nemesis @PeirsPryce is up for the challenge!

I was actually surprised he never played monster in any of the tournaments. Maybe the matches would be too one-sided and boring? :smiley:

I’m warning you though OP,prepare your body and your team for destruction, confusion and shame!

just to scare you some more: how does 438 hours played(+beta +press release) and all achievements unlocked sound for a start? (I hope you don’t mind me revealing your personal,intimate steam stats @PeirsPryce :stuck_out_tongue: ,also-you’re a nutjob! I play every day and you’re still 200 hours ahead of me! )

one last thing @Laran - I wouldn’t be so cryptic with my intentions if I were you-

just spill out what the heck is this about, “future plans” don’t say anything.

also,if you really live in Singapore then I would also consider geographic issues- you might find the best monster in the history of Evolve, but a try out match won’t do if he has 300 ping.


Ok, just to clear the air… its 438 hours, + both alphas, +beta, +press release… all in all I am between 500-600 hours with Evolve.
In addition, this

While I am definitely one of the best monsters out there, I am in the same boat as Cow, I have mainly ended up practicing as a hunter. That being said, with serious practice I would think it would be possible to be in the race for THE BEST monster out there.





I am steam user Walt Kowalski, I sent you a friend request, I would love a good challenge from a hunter team. Add me!


I must break you.


The time from the big alpha(didn’t partake in the first one) was added to my “regular Evolve” on steam,so I assume it’s the same for everyone, but regardless,yeah, that’s a lot. I MAYBE have 400 hrs.


Yeah, the first alpha time is not included but the second was


im waiting. for hunters to get stronger in unison. meanwhile stage 1 fight wins are a thing :stuck_out_tongue: to be fair i havent played competitively in a while.