Searching for teams to scrim against



hello im a monster player and i want to step up my game, a bit tired of stomping in pubs so yea…
i play OG MG Kelder and i can play other monsters too but those are my 3 mains so im gona work on them.
im searching for some decent teams to scrim against.
tnx in advance cheers (:

btw its a bonus if you can use discord (:


no one? common there is no team searching for a monster to train against?


I have a group of two other people , looking for a fourth. When we get the whole team scrims would be welcome :slight_smile:


I added you. I am happy to scrim you with my team at some point.


I’m looking for a hunter team to scrim against too xD


tnx for the replies guys! still on the search btw, the more the better.


What’s your ID? @cybersquidarmy


still searching btw…


hello everyone,

i am looking for a group to scrim against as monster too. would be nice where we advise both sides how to improve.
i am in asia region. i play average kraken, wraith and goliath. have not worked much with gorgon and kelder.
kind regards


Post thief!