Searching for TEAM of hunters when playing Solo Skirmish


Let’s face it…most people don’t wanna play the game alone being a hunter. Their is no communication between hunters on a normal bases and losing is most always inevitable. We solo players love to just play monster until our friends get online and then we run hunters. We need to have the ability to search for games that will only allow us to play monster. And here’s the thing…that of course means full on squad of hunters. A great team just waiting to play a great monster. I kill for the 4v1 full on monster vs team of hunters, I love to to take this game to the max. Pub smashing is honestly no fun. And especially for most hunters because hey let’s face it, if you aren’t playing with 3+ of your friends then you will most likely lose due to no communication between classes. Keep the pub smashing for the no thrill monsters or hunters. For the real players, let me play a FULL team of hunters so everyone can have fun playing. Both the hunters and the monster. Trust me, both teams want a real fight. Like, reply, give your support.


I’m not sure because of the confusing wording, but am I right in thinking this is a sort of a LFG post?
If so you might want to change it to the Looking For group category and state what platform you’re on

If not then … awkward


Looking for a team when playing solo? Wut?


I think he means a full team of hunters to play against


That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m not trying to be monster vs some random hunters for that easy win. That’s no fun. Allow for those solo players to compete against a full squad of hunters. No thrill in smashing on randoms with no microphones, yet alone playing on their team as a solo hunter.


You want me to change the category for you?


I’m not looking for a group. just an idea for matchmaking. If that falls under looking for a group then change it. if not then change it to something better. Thanks


So you want it so when playing solo you have a guarantee of playing against a full group of hunters, rather than you posting this because you’re looking for a group to play against?
Then, yeah. this category’s fine. Just misunderstood what you wanted

And as for your original point, this may be what happens when they introduce the ranked mode, but we don’t have many details on that atm


that’s what we need, ranked play. That will most definitely be 4v1, full team of hunters. Hopefully that will be rolling out in the near future. I’ll keep a lookout for that. Thanks


It’s being worked on as far as the community knows