Searching engine needs work


I dont like joining matches with determining ranks, I cannot rank up. There are players who score high enough in thier first 10 matches where they place gold or silver but soon stop playing the game b/c its too hard. Why? This seems counter-productive imo, and why not just use the search engine for the monster and hunters can benifit from lobbies to find the right group. Nobody wants to be stuck with someone who doesnt know to use medic or trapper. This is why I HAVE to prefer trapper on XB1, I am not giving that to just anyone. Which also brings me to my next point on PC currently. Any one can dome? Thats not necessarly a good thing, if you waste that dome then what? I guess you could have a designated domer, but what about just random ppl trolling or just not gud?


Ranked is going bye bye so this will soon be a none issue. I have played over 50 games and out of the 50 ranked games i only got actual ranked players 4 times…was always DR’s on the team. Lots about the system just didn’t work. So it’s getting scrapped.