Sea Wraith

Hello again,
I was looking at sharks and orcas, and decided to do an aquatic version of the wraith.
I hope you all like it. :slight_smile:


The waters will never be safe again!

Okay so, the picture itself is fantastic without question. Excellent artwork.

As far as “aquatic” goes… aside from the three things that I can’t actually name because I’m not a sea creature person (the upper middle fin, the things on the side of the “neck” that allow breathing in water and the amphibious looking hands) there isn’t much different between the “Sea Wraith” and the normal Wraith.

Not trying to be a killjoy, just critiquing the piece in terms of what it consists of and what it’s supposed to imply.

Honestly if you didn’t mention the Sea part I would have looked at this as another piece of Wraith Fanart.

Don’t get me wrong tho, it’s still a very good piece.


I don’t know where this sudden influx of art comes from, but I’m not complaining! That looks good!

Thanks for the comments!

@CptBoomBoom Don’t worry, the waters this thing is from is not on earth so trips to the beach is still safe. :slight_smile:

@Major Warrior
No its actually good to have someone who puts the time to give constructive criticism, since I’m always looking for ways to improve, I thank you for it.

@LordDerp Thank you! The art is just coming from me, I had some free time in my hands and just felt like drawing fan art of the current game I like to play.


Dude, you’re making art faster than I thought! You did the Cave Goliath 3 days ago and now you do a Sea Wraith. I wish I could draw like you, because all I did on this forum so far was SFM posters in my own thread. I even made a thread for Evolve themed flash fan-games and did a SFM poster as a reference to it (but nobody seemed to get it).

If I didn’t see this post I wouldn’t have noticed the changes, and it does look pretty good. I mean really these 3 changes and Sea Wraith is already an underwater “Tyrant” hehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way

I’m pretty sure it’s just called a fin
The “neck” thing is called Gills
The last one is Webbed Feet

She looks good, but it doesn’t look quite “aquatic” enough, if you catch my drift. It looks like she’s missing something.

To elaborate, there’s the webbing on the hands and the fin on the head in addition to the gills on the neck, but beyond that, what tells you her natural life cycle is completely in the sea and not semi-aquatic, such as an amphibian? The webbing could have been introduced on the back where the spines are, similar to what the Elder Kraken has in-game, and the tentacles extending from her legs could be converted into something similar to what an Octopus or Squid would have.

A good example of what I’m talking about for the latter would be off of a Vampire Squid.

Other than that, good work.


On the subject of being more aquatic, maybe something could have been done to the scythe-like claws.

Critter notorious for breaking Aquarium acrylic (mantis shrimp)?


I’m just curious what you’ll do with Behemoth… :relieved:

Yeah similar to what Chickenprotector said I was also thinking about added “aquatic” details like the spines being somewhat connected.

Maybe even further down the body almost have an amphibian scale-like appearance. And the head feels slightly awkwardly elongated or just out of proportion to the rest of the body. Her head is actually fairly small when compared to the rest of her body.

I feel like the only thing she’s missing is bioluminescence.

Shit’s scary. haha


Thanks for all the feedback. I think I will come back in a later while starting from the goliath again.


Dorsel fin, yes.

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