Sculpting Evolve (Venom Hound Nest Done and more to come)



I just finished the Venom hound nest here is the progress from form to done. Download the nest model and print it from . Check out my other stuff at MyMiniFactory profile (link).


TASTY… What is the end goal of your experience?


Thinking about a few more wildlife related sculpts,
I would like to revisit the monsters that I had almost finished sculpting as well as work on some the concepts that TRS had done. I am thinking of releasing 3d printable models of the monsters as head and shoulder sculpts while the wildlife related stuff will be full.


Would you be interested on working on other projects, or is this more of something you want to dedicate to?


I am interested in working on both evolve and other projects @BearStream . Here are some of the other projects that I am working on.



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mercy is cute as duck


yessss…it does


Here are some pictures of the venom hound nest.


That’s not so bad! What will you do next?


Considering it was printed in the most coarse setting at .3 mm layer height, the print did really well. I was thinking of working on the megamouth or obsidian grub. Maybe some head and shoulder sculpts of the monsters both from the game and some of the concept work of them later.


Do you think you can make Phantom Wraith?


Download and print the model here


Wanted to let you guys know that I intend on working on the other evolve stuff. Got side tracked by paid work for a sculpture. It was Sagira from Destiny 2 DLC that was released today. A small company contacted me and wanted me to sell them the model and to adjust it so that a light can be placed in it. So I added details and sliced the model for resin printing. Here are some images of the improved model.

I also have other projects that people are trying to commision me for so it will take a bit of time for the other evolve stuff.


That’s the reward for making such good stuff like this. Keep it up.