Scrub Nerfers


I’m eager to see what Nerf comes out with next. There has been a couple leaks of the new “Accustrike” line that will release next year in the spring. They are also unveiling a whole new dart they say will be more accurate and still function as well as the standard darts in all mags and gun barrels. I think they also have a pistol in the line but I’d have to dig for the leaks…have to do that tomorrow because it’s bed time for me right now, heh.


Sounds cool.


Pshh, girl you’re talking to a kid who loved Nerf guns back then (You’re making me do it again! Plus I got my dad to help me mod some weapons) So I know what a Strongarm is (An super version of the Maverick, and then Sweet Revenge and I have the Hammershot

The hammer shot can slam fire (Think MeCree’s pistol shooting all rounds ;)) but if you get it in the wrong position it’ll slow the Priming handle and the bullets fall down faster and not farther, you can do the same thing with Doublestrikes but I don’t recommend it because they are funky after it (As in the bullets won’t push in all the way or if they do, they’ll push back out)


I liked Vortex Nitron more


Praxis master race forever.


Since we’re talking about vortex now


Do they still sell Vortex guns in-store? I admit the guns themselves look awesome.


Yes and no. they aren’t under the vortex line anymore and the last ones that used the same ammunition was released two years ago. the one I posted is going for nearly $300 at Walmart and was one of the last under the vortex line. The last ones to be were under the zombie strike line, and were released in 2014, and are still a reasonable price, possibly a bit overpriced on two of them.


Sometimes older guns do sell for a lot. Might be worth looking into for selling if your heart isn’t set on keeping it…could upgrade to something else.

Black Frid-Thursday at WalMart they had about 20 Demolishers. I figured I’d get one since they normally go for over $30 and they had them for $20. Some guy comes by and grabs 5 of them! It was total chaos but I got my 1 I wanted…just feel bad for others. It was totally bogus seeing people grabbing tons of the same item that you know they are just planning to resell later. I was in Wisconsin and I was at Black Friday last year and it was nothing like what went down this Black Thursday. It was like what you see on TV. I never expected that for the Nerf guns!


i don’t know why he would grab five demolishes instead of five mastodons :stuck_out_tongue:


The Mastadons I don’t think were on sale…at least not the sales I was biting on. :slight_smile: I got my Mastadon for $51 at WalMart Cyber Monday today. Best price I’ve ever seen for it. A vagabond is $13 too. A few good deals all over the web today.


Guess who got a new gun!!??


The X-Shot series called the Max Attack (Can’t take a picture of it now because my dog is scared of it and just escaped the Gate, got her back though :cold_sweat:) It’s a very nice Semi-Auto rifle with 10 darts and shoots with heavy power! It seems to be a closer weapon because the darts like to swerve ways, unless you can make a deadly shot straight forward

Nice feel to it and I would highly recommend


It’s a bit off season but…


I have a blue Barrage Super Soaker and hope they re-release it in the summer because I want a second one. That thing is awesome!

Also, I did a battery swap-out on the Rapidstrike today and video’d, rather poorly, my results:

Basically, even though it had new batteries I didn’t know how old the batteries were when I opened them since we have stocks of batteries kept in the house for when we need 'em. I went out and bought 4 new Energizers to put in and it kicked it up a notch but still jammed on the first dart. Conclusion…need to subtract 1 dart from the 18 dart mag along with the fresh batteries and skirt removal for the best stock performance. I think the battery power is key and so this gun may be getting a mod at some point to upgrade the batteries to Li-Po batteries…but still unsure on that since I never worked with them before. I’d probably commission a modder to just do it for me.

BUT, today was the first time I was able to swap between mags and not get 1 jam! Happy day! I can probably maybe actually use it to play with now. You can plainly tell from the video the difference in the speed of the darts exiting the chamber from using the former vs fresher batteries.


Now I did some research into the Max Attack…and it seems as if it doesn’t exist! It’s not on there web page and I can barely find it on popular stores websites either…

Here’s where I got it: Me, My mother, My sister and my Grandma went to Ross. They had a toy section so instead of following them through clothes that I absolutely give no shits about I went over there. The Max Attack stood out to me so I bought it.

So yea, I got a Ghost gun in a Clothing store for 15 bucks


They say they are at WalMart according to Google but I can’t say I have seen that particular model. A lot of stores do sell the Zuru line though. I wonder if that takes Nerf darts or no? I assume it would since a lot of other Zuru guns will accept Nerf. It’s why I got a couple Bug Attack line guns for Christmas:


Well I don’t know about Zuru, cause I don’t have that

The gun I have does NOT take Z-Strike darts as they are to long for the mag and my Sticky Darts from BuzzBee are too wide to fit in the mag. So, I actually have to either buy another gun to get the mag and more Darts…OR just go and pick them all up


XShot is produced by Zuru.


Oh…okay, looked on there page and then I searched Max Attack, I found it but it lead me to their X-Shot website where again…I couldn’t find it


Sundy Small Groups was today…it was Christmas theme

Someone got me BuzzBee guns, Ultratek…They are a fucking pain in the ass…literally they hurt

But I love em