Scrub Nerfers


I want to Mod a weapon

Options I want are the:

  • Double Strike
  • Hammershot
  • Crossfire


Time to go Nerf or Go Home


I ordered a Nerf Alpha Trooper because someone on the forums (I forgot who now :weary:) suggested it and a lot of people on YouTube say it’s a great gun. It’s a pump-action springer style gun…my personal favorite. I knew I had to have it. I got it from Kohls because they had a reasonable price instead of the $50+ I’ve seen elsewhere. Well, the Fed Ex truck pulls up and gives me two different sized boxes. Huh? I open them. Each has an Alpha Trooper in it. I double and triple check my bank account and order data and all I can think is…they dun goofed and I lucked out!

It’s actually on sale now for $20 at their web site if you order fast!


Suggest me some Slamfire weapons please


Warning: when it jams, and it will, it’ll mangle whatever bullet is jammed.
It’s really fun, but it’ll really eat through your bullets if you try to prime it to fast.




Lower the price range to 10 - 15 Bucks :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Ah… weeeeeeeeeellll, there aren’t many nerf guns in that price range period… :\


Then find me a job :stuck_out_tongue: or buy me the gun HAHA :stuck_out_tongue:


But then I’ll need a job…


Now we’re stuck…dammit! Lol


Let’s see…who do we know that has a job…




Then I’d say the Strongarm. It’s small like the Hammershot but has slamfire capabilities. You can typically find it for $10-$12.


It can slamfire? I didn’t know that…(probably cause I don’t have one. )


Lol, my “jobs” are feast or famine. I go long spans of time without money, then get a bunch all at once. I haven’t been able to get as many clients lately and usually they are for odd jobs…painting anything from milk cans to mascot placards for or murals for schools. I haven’t had a children’s book client for almost 2 years, which is kinda shcoking because I’m one of the cheapest illustrators for hire. Then again, I don’t draw humans well and most books focus on them so…yeah. sigh


Yep, it can. :slight_smile:


It’s like a newer maverick right? The maverick’s a classic.


Yes. It’s kinda like the updated version of the Maverick…the key differences being that the Strongarm’s entire barrel can eject for dart loading while the Maverick’s can only come out a wee bit. It’s really fun to spin the barrel and then with a flick of the wrist flip the barrel back in. Also, you really tuck the full dart into the Maverick. If it isn’t in all the way it can go possible it will hang up on the body of the gun when the barrel spins. With the Strongarm it’s more like loading the Hammershot…the head of the darts are exposed when you push them in and you have some wiggle room when the barrel rotates.


Sounds cool. Maybe I’ll pick one up sometime…