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binden gets it


Hammer Shot:

This heavy ass 5 Shot Revolver has multiple problems that I dislike but for a Nerf War it’s a beast

  • Bad

  • Pullback Action: It’s hard to pull back and sometimes some little fingers can’t get it down all the way and you lose a dart

  • Two handed: Like any revolver it should be one handed so you can be a badass and fire them as the same time! But yet this revolver is really big and hard to pull back therefore you have to hold it with two hands, I was able to one hand it an entire round, but my fire rate fell down heavily

  • Good

  • Fires Straight: Unless you have a defect gun, this one will be on the ball, it fires fast and straight and will hit a target who isn’t on there toes

  • Raid Fire: Remember when I said if the gun isn’t pulled back all the way it’ll fire it bullet? Well if you press it down some what all the way and release it’ll turn the barrel and fire the dart although you’re sacrificing range you could always arch it and it’ll get more distance and be able to shoot over barriers

All in all I like the Hammer Shot, it lives up to it’s name (Heavy as a Hammer that’s for sure) and it’s reliable, doesn’t jam and it doesn’t pussy shot

Y’all guys like the Hammer Shot?


The Hammershot is my favorite pistol. It beats the Strongarm, at least for me. However, some don’t like how it cocks. The Strongarm gets an extra shot since it holds one additional dart, but the Hammershot can be dual wielded…with the Strongarm this is not effectively done, but you can slamfire. It’s a tough call and ultimately is based on which style you prefer using. I’m all about Hammershot though! It packs a lot of power, is fast to shoot and easy to load…and you can do so on the fly while firing, with great distance! The trigger pull can be a bit difficult at first but either it gets easier over time or you build up some thumb muscle, and it’s great. My son who is 8 has started to use the Hammershot when at first he hated it since it was too difficult for him to pull back all the way. He still needs two hands to do this but he prefers it over the Strongarm since he has issues getting the barrel to pop out of the Strongarm in order to load. Can’t really own enough of these guns though. I have 3 and I have a desire to get more, they are just that awesome. It’s always a go-to blaster. There are even mods for it to increase the dart amount, if you’re into modding.

One thing I really like about the Strongarm though is you can play Russian Roulette. Kick the barrel out of the chamber and load one dart, spin the barrel (which is super fun) and flip it back in, and you’re good to go.

This mod has a 3D printed barrel to bring the 5 dart holding capacity up to 7:


Dude. Not to sound obnoxious, but this thing is really not that hard to use one in each hand. Reloading can be kind of a pain, but it always is with every gun. :\

(This is literally my favorite nerf gun, so I may be a bit biased. One in each hand is just so stinkin satisfying.)


The strongarm sounds like a peice of shit haha

I would totally be into modding if I had time and help but no one really likes nerf guns in this house


What about your dad? Surely he’d be up for Nerfing a little?


He’s an engineer sure but he is the one who limits me to my guns, if i want a new one, I gotta replace it. My mom’s a bookkeeper and wouldn’t know much about nodding plus she hates guns in general


Is she one of those types that hates any and all guns so much she barely tolerates water or Nerf guns?


Hahaha no, it’s just things in the past, we’ve had Nerf Wars in the past and they were freaking awesome. But when she doesn’t want to play or it’s a real gun, someone pointing at her is like Claustrophobia

Or like me around knives because I’ve had bad experiences with them


My solution is buy more guns. Buy even cooler guns that basically make people want to play when they see you’re having fun with it.


With what money? :stuck_out_tongue: Just give me some cash :wink:


wait… there are guns that are actually good not made by nerf?


Hell yea! I think I was in the Buzzbee Zone for a long time until they all started failing or not being fun


Hey how come I dont see the Disc Nerf guns?

Also, was walking in target, and now Nerf is using lil ping pong balls?

EDIT:: :heart: THE home nerf modding… thats so neat…


Because she’s a dart person only

EDIT: Not joking :wink:


The Rival line is relatively new and features little yellow ping-pong like balls. They may be the next big thing for heavy duty Nerfers but time will tell. They shoot fast and far, and are pretty accurate. I personally prefer the standard darts and Mega darts, and don’t buy into other types of ammo as per my own rules…which is why I don’t have disc shooters. I did buy the Rival Khaos:

But found it to be just too large of a gun for me, personally. It is also pretty heavy since it requires 6 D batteries, which is a big extra cost all on its own. My husband’s sister bought one and is keeping hers but she’s like 6 foot 3 compared to my 5 foot 4. My husband is 6 foot 6 but he said he preferred to just stick to darts…so when his sister comes over we know which ammo is all hers. The trouble is, those balls go everywhere and roll under everything. They get lost easier than the darts do.

Just a few though.

I wish I could get my hands on the Boomco Colossal Blitz but it is discontinued and VERY hard to find, which shocks me since it came out last year and was highly sought after.


Why was it discontinued?


I have no idea.


I mean that thing looks like a legit badass weapon