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Slim, Slim, Slim… GOOF OL’ MEMORIES


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ok ok ok… your missing this…

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I guess it all depends how you plan to fight with them. You can’t go wrong with the Slingfire in any circumstance. It is great for just about any battle, running around or office warfare. However, you must cock the priming arm all the way forward and all the way back to fire one shot, and doing this in rapid succession could wear your arm out. It will shoot as fast as you can do this, and it will accept any size magazine. Some people can prime with one hand although I am too scrub at that myself and fear breaking the priming handle. Great gun, a must-have really! It feels really good doing the priming motion as you run at your enemy.

The Double Dealer has a ton of bad reviews on-line about jamming. Many people say to avoid it. Personally, I have not had any issues as of yet, but I don’t run any of my guns very hard (as fast as humanly possible to prime and fire). I think the problems arise when a gun doesn’t get primed/cocked all the way and darts get hung up. The handle must be pulled fully back and fully forward to then fire. You may need to read reviews on this one but, again, I haven’t had any issues and it was my first Nerf gun. I do tend to “hunt” more with this one though and am picky about taking my shots, so I don’t often fire one shot after another in rapid succession but tend to lie in wait behind trees or bushes. I love it, and it looks kinda like a crossbow, and fires two darts per one shot - shotgun style. It can take all size magazines and holds two more mags in its stock. It may be prone to jam more with larger magazines like the drums or 18-mags. I don’t have drums yet but had no issue with the 18’s.

The Sledgefire is not meant for a really intense Nerf war where you have to run and gun while on foot. The three shells it comes with take time to load with your having to put 3 darts into the shell and then insert said shell into the gun, then fire. It’s slow-going but amazingly good fun because it’s a barrel-break system and loading those shells is just awesome. Once the shell is loaded you whip up the muzzle of your gun…it snaps into place…and you can shoot single-handed since opening the barrel itself is the prime. You open the barrel to retrieve the empty shell while it also primes your gun, insert another shell, and you’re good to go. It fires all three darts from the shell in one volley…so basically if you choose your shots you probably won’t be missing as long as your target is in range. You can also buy more shells at for $5 per 3 shells, something I plan on doing, and could potentially 3D print a shell that can hold 1 Megadart instead of three standard darts. If you are running around while shooting, you have to be careful not to drop your shells because somebody can easily crush them underfoot. My personal favorite use for this gun is to fight bunker-style. My son will be on one side of the room defending his fort while I am at the other. He will fling foam at me all day long while I just pick up the darts he is so careless with and fill my shells with ease, while I also take pot shots at him. It’s an excellent bunker or take-and-hold kind of gun.

First choice to buy I would go for the Slingfire since it’s the most versatile, then the Sledgefire for its fun and unique style, and finally the Double Dealer.


I will get you!


:heart:.:heart: its all outta love! My son has a big electronic Gatling gun from nerf…


I’ve never played with the Double Dealer or Slingfire, although I’m a follower of the “Zombie Strike” series I know about the Slingfire, I really want that one just to get some badass cowboy shit from it haha, and since you said it can handle any magazine…even a Drum magazine?

Now I have had my expediences with it and I totally love it out of all my weapons, I have a couple things I would love more about it if it had these features or if Nerf would make some time of remodels after getting feedback.

  1. I wish it’s firing was like the Buzzbee Double Shotgun, it had three bullets while all three fired, but if it acted as a 1 fire / 2 fire / 3 fire I think it would be way better in Nerf Wars (Now if you have 1 / 2 bullets in a shell and not three it won’t fire properly so it has to be three separate barrels)

  2. The ammo Problem: When bought you only get 3 Shells with 9 Darts, I actually have not found any Ammo Shell Packs for the Sledge Fire but it’d be cool to have one. Anyways, I wish it came with more Shells therefore you’d be able to fire more shots in a Nerf War than 3 Shells taking around a minute or less to reload them all and poof your dead / If there are Ammo Packs, please redirect them to me!

  3. The Fun Way: So I love taking apart nerf guns to see how they work, problem is I sometimes can’t get them back together :cold_sweat: so I just test many different ways to fire them, something I love to do with shotguns is load up the barrel with multiple darts and fire them all at once. With the Sledgefire I’ve been able to get 4 Darts maximum plus the 3 Darts in the shell, so I’m firing 7 darts total at someone like a barrage of darts although it lowers the power lowering the range making it a 5 foot weapon

Also, can I talk about Buzzbee weapons?


Considering one of my favorite things to do is run around with two hammerstrikes pretending to be tracer, I feel like I can probably handle one-handed firing with this one. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure most of the jamming issues are when you slam fire with this one. (hold down the trigger and just pump as fast as you can).

What kind of range does this thing get? the main thing I’m picky about with guns is how far it can send the bullets. Nothings more annoying than a gun that only shoots like ten feet. No matter how accurate it is. (I mod all my bullets so they fly in a perfectly straight line anyway…)


Also: Pro-tip for mega darts:

Cut a small sliver of duct-tape and wrap it all the way around the tip of the mega bullets making sure to cover the whistle holes. This will make the dart fly in a perfectly straight line if you do it right; with a slight penalty to range and velocity. I think this is worth it since the cyclone shock and centurion both have serious problems with accuracy. who cares if you can shoot a hundred feet if your bullet swerves by 6 inches per foot? :stuck_out_tongue:


I feel like this would actually work the best with the double dealer. Also, I have the buzzbee shotgun. :stuck_out_tongue: It was nice until the heads of all the bullets came off…


Yep! They even sell a version of the gun along with a drum.

Yes, even guns from the Dark Side (Not Nerf) can be talked about in here. I actually have a couple Dart Zone guns on the Nerf wall. I just squeezed in a few more.


You know, I never did slam-fire this blaster! Maybe that is why I haven’t had issues.

I’m not sure. I do plan to make a list of distances for all of my guns. I haven’t range tested yet. I can’t seem to find anything on a few review video sources on ranges either in a pinch. I’ll have to get back to you on this one.


But…the whistle feature!


Can it at least make it all the way across say…a normal living room?[quote=“SledgePainter, post:95, topic:106714”]
I’m not sure. I do plan to make a list of distances for all of my guns. I haven’t range tested yet. I can’t seem to find anything on a few review video sources on ranges either in a pinch. I’ll have to get back to you on this one.


Whistling ruins sneak attacks! win-win!


Oh yes, for sure. 20+ feet.


Excellent. I made the mistake of not checking reviews for the long-strike. You’d think with a name like that it would be able to strike things that are a long way away. But nope. Only shoots like 12 feet.


I squeezed a bit more guns in this time. I found those 4 green things in the bottom right corner when I found the 2 yellow Nerf Mavericks. Those things I want to put on the forthcoming section of pegboard below the main one. They aren’t terrible guns but…meh.

The green and orange gun above the Sledgefire on the left is an Adventure Force Legendfire which also has a break-barrel function. Instead of shells though you have an extra barrel you insert. Each barrel has 9 rounds I believe. When you finish one you break the barrel, remove the spent barrel, and insert the new one.

You can be shooting while filling up the spent barrel. One thing I don’t like about the blaster is it does not have a working trigger and fires only as you pull the primer back. Otherwise it’s quite powerful! It has earned its place on the wall.

@Kathryn_James Adventure Force puts out a gatling gun a lot of Nerf herders want their hands on…the Scorpion!

I’m not sure how I feel about belt-fed blasters but they also have this one:

The Enforcer! These both have great reviews by Nerfers. I haven’t bought any belt-fed blasters yet but I will look into the Nerf one. I am not sure it’s available now since it looks like an older N-Strike model you posted, and they can go for high prices as collectibles sometimes.

Adventure Force has been making good blasters with power…so much power that the reviewers on-line say it’s like a Nerf gun modded, that had Nerf released something like this they would get sued. I also picked this one up…the Magnum!

It shoots a whopping 40 darts! It’s amazing! I plan to buy a second one pretty soon it’s just that good, and cheap! Only $20 at Target (exclusively there). The strange arm handle on it is funky but the blaster has a lot of kick and man, 'dat ammo 'tho! And yes, their brand of ammo is interchangeable with Nerf…WIN/WIN!