Scrub Nerfers


I might try to do a battery mod instead…we’ll see. It’s mostly a useless blaster right now and I think it’s really due to the power. If it had more power I think it could push the darts out faster and therefore avoid the jams…my theory though. I really have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m just guessing but a lot of other people say this is a jam-master gun without modding.


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This thread is a dream come true.


I think I may try this, but unsure if the voltage will burn out the motors or not.


my main question isn’t why that even works the way it does, but rather wtf a dude with a german ww1 uniform is doing with a nuke xD


I want a nerf tank so bad


Can i bring my sick airsoft minigun?

(Note: this is not actually me)


I bought a pack of Energizer C batteries and will see if there is ANY increase in performance in the Rapidstrike. I honestly doubt it…I don’t really think there’s that much difference between Duracells and Energizers but then again, I never did a science experiment in school for that! Other battery types, from my light study of them on YouTube for Nerf guns, may put out too much voltage. You CAN use them but at the risk of burning out motors earlier or melting wiring. If you can’t do the full job, don’t just go halfsies I am thinking. If the Energizers do nothing great, then I think I may go full non-scrub with the Rapidstrike and do the entire mod of it…or get somebody else to do it on commission/trade or something, since it’s not exactly a first-time modders gun. I have many Nerf guns now, and a few flywheel blasters that perform well right out of the box (hello Stryfe and Desolator!), unlike this one. I don’t NEED the Rapidstrike, so I can turn it into something more.

I found an ideal walk-through guide on it right here:

If I do this, which I am now very tempted to do because why go through the trouble if not to go all out…I will need to decide on the paint job. It’s either be themed Boondock Saints, Deadpool, or Evolve.

I think Deadpool would be fun…look at this custom I found:

Deadpool has been done, amusingly, before…while Boondocks Saints maybe not, since I can’t find any images of a custom on Google. I already do plan to repaint a Sledgefire for Evolve so…hmm, what to do.


I love how the guy just keeps recording lol




I just had one shipped to me…I haven’t had too much hands-on with it yet but I fired it a few times. Oh man, already one of my favorites. I don’t think I would have to disassemble it to paint it either.


I need you to paint it like slims spore gun

Pls to honor the slim we all used to know


Slim’s gun would be a pretty easy paint job on the Sledgefire, maybe even a little - dare I say to vanilla? But what about his other gun? I’d need to get a second Sledgefire and do some Green Stuff work but it would be so cool looking, even though I know it’s not a break-barrel.

I know there is a Nerf gun called a Rayven which is kinda hard to come by now that would be super perfect to use as the stock:

Oh man, I could probably do that since I have the cutters, although cutting and merging two guns is really trying when it comes to making perfect looking seals. It would be a work of art for sure.


I really really want one, and to paint it aswell, something like that old steampunk style


Please repaint the Seldgefire with your type of art style and call it the SledgePainter!


Not yet completed wall of Nerf…I also think the Rapidstrike will be replaced by something else until it can earn its place on the wall. These are actually not all of the Nerf guns I have currently but they are the main ones we use at the moment…since the rest are still in boxes for Christmas…2 mega huge boxes…giggle.

The plan is to put a second, smaller pegboard below this one next.


That…is a lot of nerf guns. O.o

Questions: Are the sling-fire + DoubleDealer + Sledgefire any good? I’ve had my eye on all three of them lately and can’t decide which on to get first. I’d really love to get the slingfire and use it one handed with a shield or something…


You suck… I want a job :cry: :stuck_out_tongue:


If I had a source of income, that’s pretty much what my house would look like…


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