Scrub Nerfers


Thread too stronk, pls nerf!


That one is just too adorable


I thought you were going to talk about scrubs who always whined about OP characters and wanted them nerfed, not Nerf Guns.


I know it might be impossible but I really want to see a lever action double barrel shotgun. I dunno the concept seems cool to me


@BEAF You want slims spore gun? repaint this one

It acts almost exactly like slims it has one shell the top pops open for the next shell hell you could even add some custom pieces to make it look exactly like his


I was digging around in my son’s old closet looking for some art supplies I had stowed away, when I found a bag of suction cup darts, and a bunch of guns. I just KNEW I had purchased some guns in the past when my son was about 5, and I know I only would have bought Nerf, but saw he wasn’t able to use blasters back them, and put them away. Now I have re-found them…I found 3 crappy little Target-brand blasters that don’t work, 2 larger BuzzBee Tek 6 blasters which work OK, and…much to my happiness, 2 Nerf Mavericks!

This might not be a big deal for some, since everyone who’s into Nerf in the slightest has Mavericks…but I didn’t think I did since my memory is obviously shot. I was even planning on buying a bunch of Mavericks in a lot on Ebay for parties or handing out to kids since they are so numerous and cheap now on Ebay. Well, now I finally have my own to play with. I knew I would have only bought Nerf-brand. The off-brand ones I probably bought to see if they were easier for my son to pull but everything got put away when he could not.

Anyway, rambling over…I’m stoked to have these Mavericks and now I can clearly see the upgrades they made when they put out the Nerf Strongarm. It’s the same kind of blaster like the Maverick, but the entire barrel of the gun will come out with the side button push so you can feed the barrel easier. The Maverick only allowed for the barrel to come out a little bit for barrel-feeding.

I’ve decided that if I do do a birthday party or something for my son with Nerf wars, I’d try to get more Strongarms rather than Mavericks since they are easier to load, but the Maverick is a classic pistol. Can’t really go wrong. Dart insertion is a bit tighter than with the Strongarm and you have to make sure you insert the darts all the way into the barrel so they don’t scrape against the front of the gun when you but the barrel back into place…Strongarm has a bit more wiggle room and overall like that style of insertion so much better (giggety). The pull-back to cock is roughly the same strength though. Will have to see how they compare if I ever get around to doing firing tests for distance.

Would you like to see more personal reviews from my ever growing Nerf arsenal?





You have made your mascot a meme now


I actually have two of those strongarms, love them. My collection is pretty small lol, just those two and the rough cut


I’ve had my eye on the Rough Cuts…is it feasible to half fire for one shot or do you always just do a full trigger pull to fire both darts at one time?


We have different nerf teams at work (I work in CG industry).

Here’s my main :smiley:

You can shoot 2 shots with half pressure, or 1 double shot with full pressure


What he said! :smile:


Hey, how kinda of camera and mount is that? Is it custom? Also, tell me more about your teams at work. Do you have actual games amongst coworkers?


Go Pro 3 Black

here s the mount. (1$ on ebay)

And at work we have 1 team by department (Modeling, VFX, Lighting, Dev, Anim,…) Sometimes we do a big raid to a department just for fun. Early week the Modeling Dpt kicked our ass with their Nerf Rival.

That was awesome and now I want a Rival too :smiley:


Ah, I have a Go-Pro but unsure of the model…it’s my hubby’s actually. I really need to get it and do some Nerfing with it. I need to get that strap.

Also, which Rival guns were they? The huge Kaos models? They are massive guns…both in size and weight since they take 6 D batteries. My husband’s sister and I bought them at $20 off list price on a special sale (speaking of, the Red version is on Amazon for Prime members at $50 right now rather than $70) but I returned mine after toying with hers. Too heavy for me. My husband and his sister are both over six feet tall but I’m just 5 foot 4 roughly. They do outperform darts I feel, especially if everyone are scrubs and run all stock blasters, unmodified - for shame. The Rivals stock performance is amazing. What isn’t amazing is how easily the ammo is lost since the balls bounce everywhere and roll under everything.

I am eager to see where the Rival line goes even though I would rather NOT have to branch into another ammo line. The Zeus looks good but has a strange way of loading and the Apollo seems better for loading (more practical) but only holds 7 rounds. I’m not really sold on this line yet but if you went with any of them, I’d go big or go home with the Kaos.


The nerf rival apollo :smiley:

But I want the Nerf Rival Atlas because it looks like the RoughCut :smiley:


I was not familiar with the Atlas…I am going to look into this right now! Also, why not more colors? I want Green and Orange in the Rival line too. Would be sweet.


Do you ever try to paint or custom a nerf gun ?


I have been looking into it. It’s a little more involved than I first thought since you have to dismantle them to do it right, but…I am thinking about it seriously. Those paint jobs are amazing, BTW…are they yours?