Scrub Nerfers


What’s so evil about legos tho? I mean… They’re stinkin over-priced but other than that…


They get everywhere.


Only if you’re a barbarian who doesn’t clean his room. :stuck_out_tongue:


I represent and resent that comment!!!


…the HORROR!


Doesn’t every kid learn the hard way that non-cleaned up Legos means hurt feet?


You must be a ninja to survive my room. I received every ninja certificate possible after showing the judges my room.


@jynx680 it makes it really hard to steal things in your room!

but then again, the guy braking into your house would probably have shoes or something.


Ha! Amazing!


XShot Crossbow
Aww Yes!


I’ve been getting into the XShot guns and they are so better than any other company it’s great!


Whoa…good thing I didn’t buy the Rival Artemis yet!

…I’ll probably still eventually get the Artemis because I much prefer pump action, slam-fire guns, who am I kidding…but nothing else in the Rival line WOWS me like these!



hahaha…the little kid at 3:45! BYE BYE!


I’ve been slowing down with my Nerf purchasing since a lot of the new releases aren’t totally wowing me…but we have news!

Non-Nerf but looks KILLER!

I’m not much of a sniper type in Nerf but this looks decent:

And this…well, you kinda have to have this just because of the looks alone…I mean…it’s so 'Merica!:

(Would have been more righteous if it fired the Mega darts instead.)

Oh man…my hype is real for this! Of all of these, THIS I will be buying first:

Zombie Strike and Doomlands are my favorite series within Nerf.


Haven’t gotten a nerf-brand gun in awhile, though I did get a boomco gun at Christmas with its straw like darts

The dread bolt looks like it’s using rebelle arrows, speaking of which I want to get my hands on the platinum bow and paint it gold and call it auriels bow



Oh dang…


I need this monstrosity…

In the 3 shot kill system I play with my friends, it is gonna be seriously OP. Even the sledgefire is only balanced by slow reload…

Maybe one person using this vs everyone else using pistols. :stuck_out_tongue:


Unless you all get the Judge…


That’s a lot of $$$ right there. :smiley: