Scrolling through Front Page News In-Game


I’ve recently been paying a lot of attention to the in-game news feed on what’s going on in the Evolve community - especially with all these awesome community challenges.

Currently it has multiple news clips sectioned via the little dots underneath showing you how many articles you can look through.

But there is no ability to scroll through them to read them all at your own pacing - you must wait for the slide to automatically scroll (which takes awhile).

I would love to see the ability to scroll through the Evolve news in game so I can see if I missed any important articles.



+1 to this. A minor improvement, but nice nonetheless.


+1 from me as well.

Perhaps a button to toggle a browser/screen that directs to the Evolvegame website/update page.
(Kinda like dota 2 has built-in in it’s client in the main menu)