Scrim League: [XB1/CLOSED] Hunt Tournament (July 21st)

Motto 1:Join, Connect, Play
Motto 2:For those who hate the monstrous, long matchmaking wait times
Motto 3: Who needs a third motto?

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When: July 21st starting @ 6PM EST
Who: Anyone can play, however, there is an 16 team limit
Where: Xbox One
While high level play is wanted, it isn’t required. People of all skills are invited to play. This tournament, like all Scrim League tournaments are for (1) practicing, (2) experimenting with the meta, and (3) having fun.


Scrim League Rules

Only one Scrim League Rule: Play for fun.
Play for fun, however, is kind of an umbrella rule; play for fun means:

  1. No prizes
  2. Good Sportsmanship
  3. Anyone can join a tournament(as long as they have enough players)
  4. And obviously play for the fun of playing(not winning)
    Each tournament is based around (1) having fun, (2) practicing, (3) experimenting with the meta.
    While playing for fun is important, this doesn’t mean high level play isn’t wanted. In fact, it is wanted along with every other skill level. So, welcome all Evolve fans.

Tournament Rules

Game Mode:
Each team needs 4 to 5 players. In the case of 4, a hunter player would play as the monster as well, in the case of 5, the monster player would never play as a hunter. There are no restrictions on who can play on a team, only that players cannot be on more than one team.
There will be a losers bracket.
Picking Maps:

  1. Two designated team members join a party
  2. Flip a coin to see who picks first
  3. The team members then proceed to pick maps they do not want to play on(keep in mind you will be playing as both hunter and monster) until there are three left.
  4. Team 1(who won the coin flip) picks the tie-breaker map.
  5. Team 2 picks(who lost the coin flip) picks the second map.
  6. Team 1 is then left with only one map to pick as the first map.
    Number of Games in A Match
    Each Team will play a 2 matches on each map(except the tie-breaker map, where only one game will be played), one as hunter, one as monster.
    Order of Events:
    Game One: Team 1 as Monster, Team 2 as hunters on Map 1
    Game Two: Team 2 as Monster, Team 1 as hunters on Map 1
    Game Three: Team 1 as Monster, Team 2 as hunters on Map 2
    Game Four: Team 2 as Monster, Team 1 as hunters on Map 2
    How to Win:
    To win, a team needs to win at least 3 games after Game 4 has ended.
    If either teams has not won 3 games by Game 4, it will then proceed into a tie breaker round.
    Team 2(who lost the coin flip) chooses one of two advantages:
  7. Able to pick what faction(monster/hunter) to play as in the tie-breaker round.
  8. Ban either 2 hunters(if the opposing team plays as hunters) or 1 monster(if the opposing team plays as monster).
    If Team 2 chooses Advantage 1, Team 1 will be able to ban either 1 monster or 2 hunters depending on what faction Team 2 picked. If Team 2 chooses Advantage 2, Team 1 then picks what faction to play as and then afterwards Team 2 picks 2 hunters(if Team 1 is playing hunters) or 1 monster(if Team 1 is playing monster) to ban.
    Game 5: Team 1 or 2 as Monster/Hunters(having 1 monster banned or 2 hunters banned by Team 2 or 1), Team 2 or 1 as Hunters/Monster(with no bans) on Map 3(Tie-Breaker Map).

Hopefully that makes enough sense.

Sign Up

If you are unclear about any of the rules, reply below or message me @chrono . If you are interested in playing in this tournament, reply below or message me on the forums @chrono or on XBL(GT: Chrononaut17)
Sign up closes at 11:59pm PST on July 20th

Teams Signed Up

2 Teams represented by @GreatSea86
1 Team represented by @Aeslos
1 Team represented by @Optimize
1 Team represented by @LoganTyre


I’m going to try to have a team available soon. I have a lot of people on my friend’s list, and it’s very difficult to coordinate people to be on at the same time.

Totally cool. Sign up will close at 11:59 EST Mon July 20th. So you have time.

Awesome. If anyone needs a monster hit me up @ Cpt RonCodpiece. I am a decent Goliath user looking to see how I’d fare in competitive play. #4 Goliath on Xbone global, though that’s just pub stomping.

I need two spots reserved. I’ve got enough people on my friend’s list to where we can do two teams. I’ll give you gamertags and team names asap.

Love that you only need 4 members in your team. Now I have a change to build up team ^^

Alright, i’ll reserve them

I found it a little redundant to require 5 team members since it’s a small tournament and time isn’t really a worry.

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There are now officially 3 teams to my knowledge that want to contend.
@GreatSea86 I don’t need all the gamertags, just the designated team member that will join a party with me and the opponents designated team member where we will decide maps, tie breakers and such.
@janneus I need the GT of your designated team member as well.
If there are any other teams interested, do the same. Currently, we have 3 teams in the tournament with the possibility of another.

@chrono I would like to sign up 1 team plz

NoZtiKZz (myself) will be the team representative

Both semifinals matches and the finals match will be streamed on the twitch account:
starting around 8PM EST depending on how long the first rounds take and will most likely end around 11 PM EST. Hope to see some Evolve fans there! :smile:

So, how did this turn out?

Number of teams, games played, winners?

We had 7 teams sign up, and then 4 drop the day of because they had something come up. So, we were left with three teams.
That left us with 4 games to play, but we only did 3 because the tournament went later than expected. It took 7 hours to do 3 games (none were simultaneous).
In the future, I plan on:

  1. Spreading tournaments over two days(weekend)
  2. Increasing sign up time
  3. Decreasing from 3o5 to 2o3 for first rounds -or- require 5 members per team
    I hope by doing all of this it will bring more teams to the tournament and less last minute drops. The first tournament really gave me an idea of how long matches take, allowing me to better schedule and better gauge how long the tournament will run.

Most of the gamea can be found on the twitch account
The winner was the team that went by Vanquish in the ESL tournament.

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