Scrim League: Representatives Wanted

Motto 1:Join, Connect, Play
Motto 2:For those who hate the monstrous, long matchmaking wait times
Motto 3: Who needs a third motto?
Link to Scrim League Main Hub Topic:

Currently, I am looking for other Scrim League Representatives to help organize Scrim League on other platforms and while I am busy.
Looking for:
1 XB1 Representative
1 PS4 Representatives
2 PC Representatives
A representative’s responsibilities are:

  1. Updating Game ID section
  2. Approving tournaments for your platform
  3. Updating the tournament section
  4. Explaining the relatiomship between Scrim League and the community.
    I suggest checking out this topic:
    Scrim League: Want to Host A Tournament?
    to better understand what Scrim League is and what a host is.
    You would most likely need to be a regular here on the forums to be able to edit the post(at least I think).
    But in all honesty, this doesn’t require much. Again, really I just need people to help when I’m away or busy and to organize the other platforms tournaments. So host responsibilities would sort of apply.
    If you are interested. Message me.

You need to be leader to edit a post but I’d be willing to help on PS4 depending on when you want to do this.

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