Screwed out of alpha code


So I preordered from walmart back in september ive been contacting them pretty much every day recently about the code and whats its come down to is pretty much “oh you didnt get a code here let me transfer you to” 15min oh hold “oh you purchased it in the store sorry i cant help you here let me transfer you” and repeat -.- yay


Got your back man. Check your DMs.


Problem resolved by one of the founders of the company in 3 minutes. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

Kudos, again, to TRS for being the best kind of dev. :heartpulse:


This is the kind of thing that makes me stop and appreciate how cool all the people at Turtle Rock Studios are. You are all awesome! :thumbsup:


Lets hope it won’t be a titanfail again :smiley:




@Rctboy95 what’s the point of saying stuff like that? Like there is literally no point because your surrounded by people who love Evolve and you saying that is just gonna get you marked as a troll


It’s a joke lol, evolve won’t fail xd


I have nightmares about that joke. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll never mention it again ^^


It better not, it’s the only game I’m actually looking forward too. Everything on the game market is way too similar. So many sequels to bad games, we all know these games cough cod cough and I would be gutted if evolve did not live up to my hype


Dunno but i liked Titanfall.In beta i was playing every day all day and again when they gave it for free weekend i played it.I loved it i dunno what’s the reason it failed.I didn’t spend money on it because people said it failed but i didn’t know why :smiley:

Edit. [quote=“Goldendude3, post:12, topic:18648”]
cough cod cough

I just saw the minimum settings needed for new cod.55 GB HARD DRIVE AND 6 GB RAM?FOR MINIMUM?


Titanfall is great! GOTY for me. :slight_smile:


Because it’s bad. Your sir seem to like bad games, so Evolve won’t be something for ya! :wink: :smile:


XD 6GB ram?


Lol what the hell 55 gb hard drive space?! And 6 gb ram, what are they using that much ram for? Fish ai?


I actually play kinda everything.And titanfall had some great shoot-feeling,double jumping plus parkouring on the walls and the Titans was a big + .Maybe people said it was fail because it was too…repetitive?i think they still had 3 or 4 titans when i logged to play in the free weekend. Nevertheless i wouldn’t call it a bad game.Maybe not worth the money that’s all

Edit.Also yea cod is like ghosts again.Wtf are they SO bored to polish their game and make it “lighter”?I still can’t understand how the hell Battlefield 4 was lighter than Cod:Ghosts.God damn this company…And remember.I said those are the MINIMUM required.


I don’t think evolve could pull a titanfall if it wanted to. It’s too unique and stylish to fade away.

I think the problem with Titanfall was that mechs were basically the same as infantry, just bigger. Other than that it was call of duty, battlefield, and every other big shooter done all over again. Evolve’s monsters and hunters are so specifically crafted and varied that it won’t have this problem.

From what I know, I see Evolve being more like League of Legends and/or Star Wars Battlefront. Good variety, serious innovation, and awesome people working on it and supporting it will take it far. It’s full of good elements and isn’t afraid to be its own thing.


League of legends…serious innovation?Awesome people working on it?Those 2 things might be the only two things that game DOESN’T have