Screenshots of miscellaneous bugs


This is getting ridiculous.

Bugs and glitches, part 1259678684168 - the sequel: Bright my day up

I threw a rock at that damn thing and it didn’t die so I guess it’s fair it was not healing.


Nope, it was not.



What am i lookin at here?
Is he stuck in the boulder?


I assume it’s the Assault icon down on the left?

The bugs not gamebreaking and there are similar cases where the assault icon shows the assault as dead, so I’m sure TRS has fixed it.


Ha ya i got that one too…pretty sure the amount of bugs still in the game is the fault of cry engine for having a clunky movement / animation system


Please try and be specific when reporting bugs - screenshots with so context are not extremely useful in finding fixes to problems.


I…im sorry, but I’m not sure what the bug is in these screenshots. …


1st one the buoy is placed on the wall, and won’t heal, as stated somewhere above.

2nd one the assault icon in the bottom left is a different shade of blue.



I were not the monster and after the monster got killed, the hunters had to kill me.


Our lord a Reaver.