Screen was black EXCEPT for HUD (SOLVED)

It only started today so i wondered if it coincide wth the progression update. everything was fine while loading till the game started. The screen was black EXCEPT for the HUD. i can still type and see my words and i can still see the hunter class icons. but i can’t see any environment, wildlife, hunters.

After the 1st MM game, i went to tutorial to try it out and it was the same too.

Pics for a “clearer” picture. pun intended

You can try to verify integrity first. If that doesn’t work then give this a read. Might be the solution to your problem. :slight_smile:

Thanks verifying integrity revealed a small file to be redownloaded. but it didn’t help with the issue. Was fine all the while till today. yesterday was fine too when i played before the xp progression announcement.

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You could probably try the instructions in the post I linked above. Just read this before you do it.

@TheMountainThatRoars knows more than I, so if you’d rather wait and ask him if you have any questions then I’m sure he won’t mind. :slight_smile:

Alright thanks. the issue was solved when i deleted the userdata for evolve.

I know this is a forum for evolve, recently i have another game troubleshooting issue that i was unable to solve, appreciate if anyone is able to provide some insight on this.

I have a game, dead state, that i was unable to launch. even when i clicked on the game exe directly from the directory, it gives a (0xc000007b) error. Anyone knows what this error means?

Tried various solutions from the game’s forum support but sadly didnt help solving the issue.

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Google is your friend.

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