Screen stuck on claw mark.I dont know what to do pls help!

Evolve stuck on the Red Footstep Screen. Not Responding.
Before I go into details,
I have reinstalled the game
Most definitely rebooted my computer
Updated all my drivers

Even though i did all these things the following problem wasn’t solved.
When I launch Evolve it comes up with a screen that looks like the background of this discussion page. The red hot footprint. I waited for at least 15 minutes at this screen and it still didn’t want to load. So I clicked a bunch of times and it stopped responding. When I tried to close it with task manager, it wouldn’t budge. That’s right, I had to force my computer off to get rid of it.
This started occuring about 3 days after I started to play the game, hell, I even saved up for an elder kraken.
I would love some help because I am addicted to this game.Thanks!

Did you turn it off and then on aga-… Oh wait.[quote=“Jose_Jacinto, post:1, topic:104799”]
Most definitely rebooted my computer

I haven’t heard of this issue before…And it sounds like you hit all the likely culprits already…

pls.explain the “you hit all the likely culprits already” pls im not a native english speaker thx.

He thinks you’ve eliminated all the possible things that could be wrong, and therefor, don’t know what to do anymore

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Drop your firewall? Hang on, let me send a link to you

Edit: Check this thread for any possible fixes. :slight_smile:

tried evetything didnt work firewall was off instaled directx…

Are you accessing the game from Steam? Reboot your computer, wait 5 minutes and run Steam. Then go to your library and double click the Evolve Stage 2. Don’t choose it and click play. It works for me when that happens (rarely happens)

This happens to me pretty frequently. I just log off and on of steam until it runs. Not a technical or permanent solution but it works.