Screen Goes Completely Black During Match


During a match as Goliath my screen went completely dark, my smell ability being my only guide of my surrounding terrain and the nearby wildlife. Suffice to say I had a very hard time fighting the hunters as I had to spam smell constantly to get the lay of the land. Even with that if I smelt a hunter I could not tell if they were within my line of sight, behind a object, or on top of a small incline because the smell ability barely gave me anything to work with.
I can tell only I had this issue cause the hunters were clearly able to see me clear as day and easily domed me cause I was stuck on something and could not figure out what it was.

Despite this though I miraculously won but was 2 bars away from death, its the farthest a group of randoms ever came to killing me, course they had a huge advantage. :stuck_out_tongue: