Scorpion monster


How about a giant scorpion type this


I think that fits into the insect category of monster. I highly doubt we’ll see anything that we go “oh that’s a scorpion” or “that’s a giant spider”. I think the monsters will look like a combination of several monsters. Would like to see a poison tail though


but what a good idea, and the designer can mix with other animals


I agree, I hope they do a monster that is not as tall as others and I would be surprised to not see a monster that didn’t have some resemblance to a scorpion, especially those claws O.o


I’ll just leave this here -

They say “crab”, but it was really more modeled after a scorpion, whence Scorpid.


thank you :smile:


Bumping this because that’s quite an interesting article.

I actually have always liked Godzilla as a monster and while I’m sure your other monsters are going to be great, I really do love Goliath because he’s huge, breaths fire, looks kind of like Godzilla, etc.