Scenario Training


A lot of talk lately has gone into extensive tutorials. However, knowing how to use a kit isn’t enough to play hunt. They ought to add specific tutorials for situations. These would help new players learn and old players practice. Ideas Below
-monster focuses medic as the support to protect them
-monster focuses support as medic healing
-monster focuses trapper as support and medic

  • harpoon placement video and griffin/crow chase or protection practice
    -last person alive with adjustable timer and monster stage
    -monster vs last person alive assault this can be won as assault
    -traversal course for monsters
    -a harder mode for bots outside of increased damage and map effects
    -Laz reviving people
    -jetpack usage video and practice dodging combos
    -wraith abducting and behemoth tongue grab practice
    -caira grenade practice
    I’d prefer new tiers if I had to choose but I think these would be really nice


I feel that a short series of scenario videos would help new players understand how to more effectively use the hunters and monsters. It will also help old players who haven’t gotten on recently get the mechanics back into memory. I say this would be a great thing to have. Either put into the game or have a link to a series of videos online that can walk you through the characters.


id love to see this implemented. it would be totes helpful.

like killer instinct’s scenario/training mode.


In addition reward players who complete all of these with new skins.


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