SCARS ARE AWESOME! (so squeamish alert) I busted my arm the other day #EmetHype


I busted it on a door doing my ‘victory dance’ when al the hype surrounding EMET was teased harder than anything that’s ever been teased before.
Never has a hype lead me to injuring myself over, EMET OP MASTER RACE. Hasn’t even been out yet and already slaying people. :joy:

The wound however is healing nicely despite it not scabbing yet and still having that yellow covering, been covering for about two days now. People give me weird looks when they see me with the bandage, I know what they might be thinking but it’s not that.

If only I had a Megun to speedup the healing.
Well at least this’ll leave one hell of a cool scar, do you guys have any cool scars or scars in general? I find scars very fascinating.

16 Crazy Stories about how people get their scars.


I’ve got a small scar on the palm of my hand from when I was a lot younger.

It’s a bit of a strange story:

Basically, I was hungry and I had a solid chocolate ball that had been in the fridge for a while so it was rock hard, of course when I tried to bite it nothing happened. For some reason which I still question to this day is why the hell I ended up with a knife.
That’s not even the bad part, apparently I decided to stab the chocolate ball straight down the middle - while holding it in my palm. As you can probably tell, the chocolate ball just slipped off and I ended up stabbing myself in the hand instead, clever me!

I’m pretty sure my dad said “you’ll end up regretting it” before I did it so I have no idea why he didn’t stop me. So yeah, I was bleeding a lot in the sink and it was just filled with blood, other than that nothing bad happened to do with it. Just as well it didn’t go all the way through


What’s the Vaseline for? :scream:


To place over the wound…


Sure… :wink:


It’s not what you think it’s for, it’s…

so that the wound doesn’t grow into the gauze causing it to tear when it dries up. I used to have this cool gel that I got when I was circumcised but my local clinic hasn’t had them since then.

also as a size reference, I believe Vaseline is a very common product that everyone has at least seen once in their lives no matter where they are in the world.

Vaseline is amazing, I like using it as lip moisturizer when I go to bed at night. Really fixes up chapped lips by the morning.


Fish bite and skin graph scars.

Barbed wire fence to the thigh.

Dont remember this one.

Long story, but I basically took a wardrobe to the eye socket, putting a dent in my skull.

Motorcycle burns.

Please excuse how hideous I look in the eye picture, I’m on thanksgiving break and I just barely woke up. :sweat_smile:


cool as in “cold” or cool as in “hey, dat’s pretty cool yo!”… because I can imagine that being very uncomfortable.


I have a scar on my upper lip from being attacked by a caiman in Florida.


I have a Harry Potter-esque scar I guess:
I was jumping on a bouncing ball when I was a kid and someone opened a door I was jumping towards and I got a straight cut from the edge of the latch across my forehead.

I also have a small scar half-way between my right eyebrow and socket after someone tried to stab my eye out.

Do you wrestle your fish before you kill it or? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any particular reason…? :flushed:


It’s not noticeable in the camera.

I also got this big scar on my left leg just recently when I was waxing, I forgot to cool down the wax before putting onto my skin and gosh was that horrible. I had second degree burns the size of the Vaseline cap (about 3 inches) and I basically told everyone that I just had a spider bite and it was no biggie. :laughing:

I also have tons of scars from a bad case of chicken pox, luckily most of the scars weren’t too gross and I was left the least scared of my brother and sisters when I cached it. I got it from a friend and before I even got sick from it my brother had it.

I had to eat so many boring tasteless foods for the next two weeks because my mom told me if I didn’t the boils would literally scar me for life, I’m glad I had followed her advice. XD
(not a picture of me just found it online and saw how similar it looked to mine.)

The gel felt amazing, it gave a bit of a cooling effect even though it didn’t have any cooling ingredients.

I have a scar on my jaw from falling into a ditch.

That’s actually pretty cool.[quote=“MrTalha, post:10, topic:77223”]
Do you wrestle your fish before you kill it or? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fish wrestling? cool…

He ate her chocolate cake?


I also have a harry potter-esque scar. One day when I was very young (maybe about 3) I was at my nans. I don’t know how it happened but I ended up running straight into the coffee table. I didn’t start bleeding until about 10 seconds after hitting my head, but it started pouring with blood.

Funny story really. :smile:


It was an entirely random assault actually. I can’t remember if I managed to grab his hand and steer it away from my eye or if it bounched off the bone or something, but I gave him a proper kick in the stomach. Since it was just a stupid kid doing stupid things to impress his gang I didn’t report it to the police, but in hindsight I think I should because it could potentially been a “gateway” crime to a path of bad decisions.


I was out in the middle of a lake. I was trying to paddle back to shore on a log. It came up and decided I looked tasty. I repeatedly slammed it on the log, and it wouldn’t let go, so I bit it back and killed it.


Did I miss this “EMET” Hype?


Idk why I found that funny, I think it was how it escalated so quickly from[quote=“Rapterran, post:15, topic:77223”]
It came up and decided I looked tasty.
to[quote=“Rapterran, post:15, topic:77223”]
I repeatedly slammed it on the log
in the next sentence


I’ve got some pretty nice scars


Any one else reminded of the drinking scene on the Orca in Jaws?


I have a Harry Potter scar from this one time a crazy chick clawed my face for having a different opinion than her.