Scariest sneak pounce you have ever had


Wraith was chasing me down after lossing to a dome. So playing as Bucket running and hopeing for the cloak to cool faster. So I turn around while running and I see the Wraith crouching as I quickly turned. I think I might have soiled my pants a bit. So I jump and she misses me! Keep running. Keep running. Don’t look back. Cloak up. Look back. She pounces me. Now I’m very sure I soiled my self. But thank god there was a Sloth (God Bless Em) knocks me away. Run. Run. RUn. rUn. RuN. Just running. stupid again look back. She wraps in front and crouches. LOL. JUMP! My gawd. Again misses. Just number one’d two’d three’d four’d and inifinityd myself. Others are yelling at me as they drop in.


God Damit!
But friends save my body.(or chasis)
But we have Laz (My fav)
Kill the dam thing and my gawd change my pants.

Whew kinda soiled my self writing this.


I was support and the last one alive. It was aviary so I was trying to use the tunnels to avoid the Monster I look back before going into the ice side and I was going to double back to the forest side. Upon reaching the forest side he pounced me and I never stood a chance. It was so good and funny I wasn’t even mad.


Aviary. I try to cut off the kraken, which has just left through one of the small passeges. I turn around the corner, see his face, and get pounced.

Also, if it is not limited to monsters, in defense the team once drove the Alpha off, I turn around to get a face full of megamouth. These goddamn teeth… shiver


I was last alive as support. and i jetpacked a certain distance that stopped. the wraith followed right by me and kept goin. but i noticed it was acting funny. like a decoy. then BOOM right in front of me like breathing distance close the wraith pops up walking slowly. then suddenly it turns around and fires a blind sneak pounce…dead.

I was horrified cuz I swore up and down that the other wraith was real. jump scares op.


One funny one scary.

We were waiting at the Relay for a S3 Goliath. I was Trap and sitting on a perch playing lookout. He had just slipped away after a dome and we were scanning the area when all of the sudden my screen goes third person. I realize that somehow Goliath snuck up behind me and pounced me. Scariest part was I have turtle beaches and no one was talking :scream: stalker Goliath

The other was on Weather Tower. Ran past a pack of Blitzs and started a climb up like a 20 ft. pillar. About three fourths of the way up I suddenly go down and a Blitz is clawing me to death. Just floating there 20ft. above the ground. Guess there’s a reason they give the jump height perk, but who knew they could levitate.


Will never forget this. Was playing on Aviary vs a kraken shortly after launch, my buddy was watching me via shareplay on the PS4. I was playing as Lazarus and was trying to figure him out, fight the monster, and answer my friends questions about the game all at the same time. The monster runs after the dome comes down, and the chase continues. While running around im at the back of the group, since im a lil distracted talking to my friend. We exit one of the bird cages near the center of the map overlooking a tyrant pool, when my friend asks; “whose the sneakiest monster?” I replied “Wraith is the most, then Goliath, and then Kraken… I hardly ever see a Kraken sneak.” Literally not even 2 seconds after I finish my statement the Kraken pounces me from a bush 10 ft away. I was so terrified I dropped the controller and both my friend and I screamed in terror, followed by uncontrollable laughter.