Scared of being mistaken for a Hacker


I’ve witnessed this bug as all Monsters…

Sometimes if you jump or drop off a ledge you gain a huge amount of speed and slide around for a few seconds… It’s also controllable and looks a lot like speed hacking… When it does happen I have to stand still to make it look like lag to the hunters so they don’t think I’m cheating…

The same happens with Kraken when you jump sometimes, he’ll fly great distances (Not actually flying) and at high speed… Although it happens noticably less with the Wraith…

Anybody else ran into this?

Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)

I have and it was annoying. Never had it before but then in one match twice. I was really scared of being reported and banned.


Who said it was the biggest problem? Just saying it was annoying


I know this has been posted here a few times but I dont think I know that the devs are aware.


I would be surprised if this didnt happen in alpha.


I had it happen as Kraken on Fusion Plant against AI (while waiting for a group to finish their Evac)


It’s a weird bug. Devs have seen it, and from what I’ve seen it’s way less common now than it was in Beta, but it hasn’t fully been squashed.


It happens a lot if you sneak and then climb + use goliaths jump smash skill… You would fly like 100m in the air !


Happens a lot to me if you use Fire Breath and walk off a cliff spamming auto attack I have noticed.