Scalebound (X1 Exclusive)


Ohhhhhh man, this looks awesome!


Please tell me this will be on Ps4…
Also, I sensed a Dante or Bayonetta vibe from that character. It pretty much got confirmed when it showed Platinum Games.


Nope, not yet anyway. For now it’s an X1 Exclusive.


From what I’ve been lead to understand Scalebound is in the same kind of boat as Bayonetta 2 is. The development costs are being covered by Microsoft, so the game will be exclusive but Platinum Games won’t have any further obligations to Microsoft once it’s done.

EDIT: Though, given that this IS a P* games title, and I bought a Wii U primarily for Bayonetta 2, I’ll probably shell out the cash for an XBone once this game releases, as well. It may currently be the only title I’ve actually got an interest in on the console, but I’m sure that there will be more.


It just keeps getting better!

At the Microsoft press conference at Gamescom 2015, we got some details on the upcoming Xbox exclusive Scalebound. In the world of Draconis, you’ll join a dragon named Thuban to explore a massive (and apparently dangerous!) world.

During a new video, we saw the beast tamer protagonist and Thuban get into some trouble with some soldiers and have… a little bit of a friendly argument before engaging in pumped up combat. The protagonist puts on his headphones and dives into some action combat while listening to some big beat, dishing out damage in a ARPG style as numbers pop up and Thuban starts absolutely wrecking everything in sight. The player doesn’t appear to have direct control of the dragon ally, and after the soldiers are taken care of, loot pops out of a chest nearby. Our hero then moves forward and a giant foe appears, a much bigger threat than the pack of soldiers.

Things turn into a Godzilla style battle of titans between Thuban and the new mighty enemy, with the player providing essential support with a bow and some explosive devices. The player then does some kind of dash-slam-grab attack that taps into dragon powers and delivers a powerful blow, and when the big bad is slain the player collects a bunch of red items, presumably currency.

Scalebound also features four-player co-op, which we saw a taste of as players teamed up to take on a massive hydra foe. Scalebound is expected to launch in Summer 2016.


:expressionless: i thought this was new news about this but you just had to crush my hopes and dreams


It’s new to me dammit! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well seeing how Bayonetta 2 came out, I expect the same from this, unfortunately. With P* being a Japanese developer, you’d expect it to come out on it’s home console, because lets face it, no one has an XOne in Japan.


Depending on how much money MS put up for the game, there’s a chance it will stay on X1.

I haven’t seen any mention of timed exclusivity.


Whelp, I now want an X1 ._.


bout time they showed something. i was suprised it wasnt at e3 this year seeing as it was on the panel of 2014’s e3.


that’s the old announcement trailer from last year, and you can already see the improvement from what they showed a couple hours ago:


no official release date, just Holiday season 2016


ballsacks…id get an xbox for this…especially if there are different creatures as well.

reminds me more of final fantasy that DmC tho.


This game better be good when it drops. They’ve been teasing this game since before Xbox one launch. If it ends up like “The Order” did on PS4, I’m sending it back.
Now don’t get me wrong, I liked the order but it came up short. For the fact that it was delayed several times, it didn’t deliver like he could have and should have. The ending was atrocious and the game was way too short for the money.


Thanks! This is the first I have heard of this game. So excited now that I’ve seen gameplay!


I only watched ppl play The Order on PS4 and what I saw did not look like a video game; it was an interactive movie. It seemed like the only parts that were playable were just when enemies raided and you had to shoot them. Everything else was a cut scene.

I do hope everyone in the industry learned from that game.


The game looks awesome so far! Reminds me a little of Monster Hunter :stuck_out_tongue:


There aren’t enough dragon games in the world, at least good ones.
I still play Drakan: The Ancients’ Gate on PS2 all the time.


I have been pretty good on following dragon games. drakengard was a really good one. I was one of the few who actually enjoyed lair for the ps3. i thought it was awesome.

this seems like a step up from lair. so it should be great…hopefully its xbox timed exclusive so i can get it later.