Say something's OP again



… Bucket is OP.

That is a good one sir, no one can be angry about that.

Markov is OP. Goliath is OP. Slim is OP. Lazarus is OP. Bucket is OP. Cabot is OP. Parnell is OP. [REDACTED] is OP.

Did I do well? :smiley:

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this whole game is OP as sh1tballz…I keep winning…like WTF broken!!!

The Albino Obsidian Beetle is OP.


Sparks from destroyed relais is OP

Superman is OP, I don’t understand how they can make a movie about him interesting at all.
But Batman is pretty much as balanced as possible so there is that.

Minor spoiler about Batman VS superman. I dunno how relevant it’s for the upcomming movie:

Batman have a supply of kryptonite inchase Superman betray him(which have happened), but he have also handed Superman his ass without using kryptonite in the comic, actually.

My lack of ability to commit emotionally is- meh, never mind.

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I heard the mammoth bird is OP, but I have found no evidence to support this so “it may all just be a Nemesis plot” - old mmo reference

something’s OP again

The movement and squishiness is still better than the others

This is amazing but that gun seems OP plz nerf? Gamebreaking Balance issues Omg i’m quitting till you nerf that gun


Just beutiful (claps hands in tears)