Say Something Random 5.5


My chance for likes today, if you get it, leave a like, but don’t tell anyone .


I’m not sure I get it…:disappointed_relieved:


The bus’s number is 8675309. Like the song.


Well you gave the answer away great job :clap:


It wasn’t a mystery…


Welp I must be dumb then.


Nah. The song was just before your time.


Oh. I see.


It’s before your time too. You must be a witch.


So I put up a rant on reddit the other day and somebody mailed me a book on dealing with depression…


Rip. Haha. Rip.


I caught the end of it because I came up with the shittier precursor to what we call memes

So yeah. Witch is fine.


I often wondered what the area code was. I want to call it.


Feeling Down? hard to sleep? 1-877- 7mickey


It better be Goofy when I call.


Careful with the Ascendancy. You cannot refund the points put in there.


Aye. I’m pretty sure it’s 8 maximum?


My witch feels way more powerful than my marauder, even at a position 20 levels lower than him. #witchisbestclass.

My boss killing strategy is too summon my 5 zombies, kill a couple adds, consume all the corpses, giving the zombies immense buffs, then sit back and relax, occasionally hurling a fireball or two. It works very, very well. Killed the act 2 boss in under a minute. I will have to see about Piety and Dominus though. And more importantly, Avarius. I doubt I will even bother fighting kitava as marauder since I bet he will be like 50 times harder than Avarius, and Avarius was already a ridiculous pain in the ass to kill.

Does kitava revive himself after you kill him? Please say no.


Kill him ? Nah, you don’t kill him. At the end of act 5, you get your ass handed to you, cursed with a resistance penalty and then you go to act 6. At act 10, same deal curse wise but I do not know if you kill him or not.

The maximum number of sockets is 6 according to the wiki.


Dragon Ball Z Abridged Sneak Peek (part of huge finally being made). I cued it up at the correct time for everyone.