Say Something Random 5.5


I think Marauder is the best class for righteous fire, because he is very tanky and has a crap ton of health regen. That’s what I build btw, just health, health and more health.

For someone like witch, who generally has less health and is shield oriented, (afaik with my limited experience), would not be well suited for an ability like righteous fire.

Personally, my build as a witch is focused on damage/minions.


What game is this…I don’t think it is doom…?




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Titanfall 2


What game is this?


Homefront: The Revolution


It’s Enter the Gungeon.


thanks for the title ^.^


COD Black Ops 4 private beta this weekend from the 10th… Intel just sent me my beta key… keep an eye out on your emails if your processor is registered with intel.


so all computers with an intel core will be getting beta keys? Is there a signup?


Look for their intel gaming access page


Im not very interested in COD, but thanks for the information anyway.



Oh i completely agree. I couldnt care less about it. Buuuuut it does have the Ops name on it, and I get to check it out and see if anythings changed… (doubt it) but hey, if we didnt give games 2nd chances we might not see them again.


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With my current Witch, I reached the Marauder tree and got myself a lot of life so that is not a big problem.

If you take a peek at the Witch’s elementalist tree, you will see that there is a branch that promotes golem usage. Stone golems regenerate your health and there are nodes and items in the game, like jewels that not only boost the number of golems you can summon but also boost the benefits that golems give you.

Couple that with the life leech nodes at the south part of the passive tree and you are good to go :slight_smile:



I just unlocked the labyrinth so idk :stuck_out_tongue:

If you use golems I highly recommend the stone golem. Oh wait you already mentioned them nvm.